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Originally Posted by dowsingdoer
Many thanks Shivani Devi for your post commenting on my views - particularly about Mortis's recordings. I do I feel owe you an apology, I have not knowingly listened to any of your own recordings and it was certainly not my intention to compare any recordings you had made with Mortis, that would be totally unacceptable behaviour after all the assistance you given me. If you could post a link to any of your results i would love to listen to it.

I do understand about the cost of good quality equipment, I have been looking into buying my own EVP box and it certainly does not come cheap along with extra speakers and a digital recorder. I assume experts also use some signal processing/graphic equaliser equipment too to get a clearer sound.

I don't have enough posts etc to be able to post any links yet but thanks for the kind offer to listen and advise - one day maybe?

This whole subject is quite intriguing and more I hear, more hooked i get!

No problem, my friend. Apology is accepted, but also not needed. Shannon's recordings are FAR better than my own....hand's down!

Here is a thread I made a while ago with some of my own offerings, but I was only using the Spirit Box with bad speakers (or its own speaker) and my PC's webcam sound recording feature, with a LOT of background, a LOT of this is pretty much undiscernable...but this was when I was just starting out myself:

It does, however, show you how I recognise and identify all of the sounds I hear and translate them all into human speech (beyond the conditioned pareidolia).

I haven't done a Spirit Box session for two years...firstly because my spirit box broke a year ago (the speaker jack went and so did the internal touch-pad) and I haven't got around to getting another one...or deciding if I am going to get another spirit box, or go for an appydroid...or hack an old radio...or get an 'Andy's Box' from Chicago Spiritwave...decisions...decisions. lol
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