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Originally Posted by vulkus
Just a note: Any information I give that cites a technique is unique to the person I have written it for. This means that while you may attempt it, it will not work for you in the way I have outlined, this is because it is person specific.
How can this be done you may ask, well don't bother asking as I will not reveal the way it is done.

Yes it will be handing it over on a silver platter it is the whole point of the exercise. Have you ever heard of the saying, you catch more flies with honey?
The whole point of the reply was to check and see what is going out and where. Once you know how and where it is going out you can remedy that situation.

shielding is a pointless waste of time, a psy vamp will suck the life out of what ever you are using to power your shields.
That and shielding in general is not something that should be relied upon for everything.
Etherial shielding is exactly like a shield that a swordsman would use. If all I ever used was my shield I would get awefully tired defending all the time, OK yes you can attack with a shield but it is energy sapping and not very efficient.
You use a shield for pushing back to put a person off balance, for sweeping attacks out of the way, to deflect a blow and to use the edge for a winding strike. But just like all these shield techniques you need an offensive weapon to get the maximum value from the use of a shield.

Etherial/astral/energetic shields aren't technically shields at all. They are encompassing spheres or bubbles. They have a technical function but and are the very first thing you should learn how to form, create and maintain. But once you have learned this, you need to learn how to put them on auto.

I won't bore you with the details of how correct shielding is initiated as it is irrelevant to this post.

Yes I am well aware of how shielding works in detail particularly in relation to psyvamps....I'm glad your technique has helped the OP. I also find when I'm doing a successful technique they quickly lose interest and don't want to interact with me for as long.
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