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Originally Posted by vulkus
Psy vamp.
Next time you are going to talk to her, consciously make an effort before hand to mentally check your own energy levels. Try to feel the fluctuations.
Does it go out fast, slow etc. How she talks to you.
When she leaves you, she feels great and that is why she always talks to you, because you uplift her.

Here is an easy technique, it is very simple to use.
While she is prattling on, breath in quite deeply but not audibly. As you breathe in fill your lungs with air, but feel the air displacing the energy that she is feeding off, then as you breathe out, imagine all the energy leaving your body and creating a vacuum. Don't be concerned where that energy goes it isn't important.
Make sure your breaths are long and even, not short and sharp.

I'm not going to tell you what you should feel, or how you should feel, what will happen. Because I don't want to set you up.
Let me know what happens, and if it isn't working we can modify it.

I did that today .. I didn't feel anything .. but she didn't want to continue to talk to me !! .. I'm not sure if is it because she's mad at me or something else
still feeling nothing is better than feeling tired
I wish the conversation last longer .. so I can see what will I feel exactly
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