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Originally Posted by Unseeking Seeker

A very close friend of mine, who has been recently graced with remarkable spiritual unfoldings has shared that after the kundalini movement and clear cognition of the grid line we have mentioned earlier ... dividing the body into two geometric halves vertically, he now feels as Ardhanarishvara ... masculine on the right half and feminine on the left.

As of now, for several days, his state of being is as such* (*during meditation), which he seems to have accepted.

In my own case, the experience earlier on when it occurred was as a descent into form of male and female energies entering through the crown and stabilising at the heart centre. It was disconcerting to say the least but the energies attained an equilibrium shortly ... that is, within the meditation cycle itself.

My friendís experience is on the same lines but not quite really, since the Ardhanarishvara orientation is permanent as it seems so far during his meditation ... at other times he is as he is ... male.

Sharing as pertinent to the theme of this thread ...



An elaboration of the Ardhnarishwar experience ...

As narrated by a close friend first hand
The vertical energy band
Comes alive along which a golden light flows
Over front and back with all energy centres aglow
The right side of the body feels masculine
And the left feminine
Being the direct merger
Of the neophyte with Shiva
One with the Universe and one with Brahma
The primal sound Aum resounds
Within, without and all around
Whereupon there is a loving communication
With Shiva Himself in this blissful union
Our spirit guide
No longer hides
We also freely communicate
With our soul mate
As all planes and domains are revealed
As of and up to our evolution with nothing concealed
Knowledge of past lives and future possibilities
Shared with love as we connect with entirety

Such is the daily experience
Of the blessed neophyte in his innocence

Divine miracle
Renewal continual
Within heart spacial
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