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With mysteries like this, one’s biases come out.
I automatically suspect the Russians themselves and their military.
Russians automatically suspect the ‘natives’ and their ‘evil goddesses’ and ‘evil shamen’.

And this is how the Russians market their tours:
Dyatlov pass is a notorious place located near the mountains Otoren and Kholatchakhl, which translates from the languages of the local tribes as "don't go" and "mountain of death". These names of the mountains have received it long before the case of group of Dyatlov. In ancient times, local shamans sacrificed animals to the goddess of death on the tops of these mountains. One day, instead of animals, shamans sacrificed not animals but nine young hunters of their tribe. Since then, the goddess of death requires the sacrifice of only people, and be sure to nine people. Locals do not go to these mountains without the need, and if they go, they ensure they are not nine men.
Honestly! What a load of ……. !
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