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Originally Posted by lovingspirit
In my path I believe in a creative force or energy (creator) and idk why but I see this being as being, male/femaLe. Have you ever taken a symbol and personalized it to your own beliefs in this way?

Every established belief/idea is a purely human and personal belief/idea. In some cases, lots of people believe the same belief/idea, but that doesn't make it exclusively right. Lots of people used to believe the world was flat, or that the moon could be reached with simple solid fuel rockets attached to a wooden chair.

Anyway, the male/female idea in creation is just a human thing. We know that MOST of the more complex animal species and SOME of the plant species have male and female versions. Years ago, when understanding of nature was not as good as it is now, it was deemed that there is always a male and a female involved in creation of new life. So, in lots of beliefs, especially the older (and ancient) beliefs, creation is all about the union of male and female.

This bipolar idea is not limited to creation. Since forever, it has been recognised that nature is the union of opposites. The male/female opposite appears everywhere, hence its prevalance in belief, but there's also the facts that you can't have life without death or death without life, if there was no light we could not know dark, a tiger making a kill is evil if you are the kill, or in the same herd as the kill, but it is good if you are the cub of the tiger etc etc. So in the older nature based belief systems, these unions of opposites are appear everywhere, and are often abstracted and simplified. So if there is something that represents male/female union to lots of people, but represents creation or something else without male/female relevance to to you, then that is fine.
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