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The ankh

Hi everyone :)

Okay so my beliefs are very eclectic however the best way I can describe my path is , I am a magical practitioner, healer or spiritual (however my path has leaned towards a nature based path)

Any who I wear symbols on occasion from which I have researched, pentacle, evil eye beads, and now the Ankh.

I was gifted the Ankh and just wanted to clairify if I have the right interpretation of it.

So I actually bought the ankh with the intention of wearing it for protection. Then I looked into its meaning, and the one meaning that stuck with me is that it can represent the union between male and female energies

The loop is the "female energy" of the divine (or some say goddess) and the staff shape is the 'male energy'. (some say god) When they come together they create life. (hence the meaning of life)

In my path I believe in a creative force or energy (creator) and idk why but I see this being as being, male/femaLe. Have you ever taken a symbol and personalized it to your own beliefs in this way?

I know it represents the union between isis and osiris and many other meanings, however for me it just reminds me of the great mother/father aspects of the divine.

Thanks blessings.
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