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This is what I am trying to do but I feel that I am deflected from my "mission", I want to heal a paralyzed girl.Last night, while in deep meditation ( I felt an immense presure on my forehead ) I focused myself on her healing, then I saw when she rose up from her bed and she was really surprised that she could move, in all this time I felt as if I am in a boat that was in the ocean and there were powerful waves, in other words, I felt very unstable, I could not hold myself to keep healing her, it's very hard to put it in words, I felt that I am not left to accomplish my mission.

I don't know this girl in real life, I saw the news about her accident last year and I told me that if I will be able to reach a higher inner state, I would heal that girl, and I reached the higher things of spiritual nature.

I am really sad that I can't do it but I am not going to give up!!
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