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Originally Posted by tealily
Sometimes when I flick back through previous self-readings, I freak myself out. A bunch of mine in late June were giving me a heads up that either I would find new love in Feb or something big would come along to make finding love a total non-priority (latter came true). Eep!

Gonna do this spread now - do we have a forecast spread for the upcoming month?

any, last month's SWOT:
* Steampunk

FEB 2018

5 of Cups reversed - getting over the hard stuff. This was a definite yes - I was in a car accident, my car ended up getting written off, had to deal with an unexpected illness in one of the family dogs (pretty young, just found out they have late stage cancer and not much time left), and needing to make sudden decisions about buying a new car etc (definitely the biggest purchase for a single item I've ever made!). Not an easy time. What helped me get through (for whatever reason) was finding a local metaphysical store that sold mangano/pink calcite - now have five of these stones scattered throughout home and my office at work. Apparently it's a stone for getting through trauma and grief.

9 of Pentacles. Hahaha, yes, I know. I was living the luxe life and not doing anything about it. Good news is this is about to change - I started house viewings today to start decreasing my rent and will look at moving out soon. I think this card can also represent someone living behind self-imposed walls - it took me several weeks to contact my parents about my car accident/needing to buy a new car because I was so worried about it turning into another opportunity for them to question me about my financial decisions. So, we've definitely learned that the home and financial situation has to change.

4 of Pentacles is saying "investments into the future" here. Over the past month I've started looking at ways to seriously re-address my spending habits, and have even gone so far as to realise that if I change my ways, instead of RENTING I can actually look to PURCHASE a property within the next few ways. It's been a big mental shift. I've also qualified to start earning commission at work so my earnings will be going up a bit soon.

Devil reversed. I would love to say this card is about letting go of bad obsessions/addictions etc but in reality, I look at this card and see barely-restrained things actually breaking loose of their restrictions. I did lose my temper once at work last month, which I'm not proud about (I did apologise though). The work situation is still very high-pressure and intense, and not just for me so there is constant work for me to find my centre and not let it get to me too much.

You've certainly gone through some epic changes lately tealily.

If anyone's got an upcoming month spread, feel free. I'd definitely use it.
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