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Meditation, some answers

As i am on the net since long and seen that there is lot of confusion about meditation. People neither know what exactly it is nor aware of its methodologies. They are also unaware of its physical and mental impacts. Besides that, i also found that these so called formal meditation centers/sites also do not offer anything substantial or really helpful.

As i am personally involved in this, and quite seriously too, since last 30 years and counting, thus thought that perhaps my experience in this field may provide some help to those who are also engaged in it in one way or other, or want to engage in it. And, those, who are not engaged, may be able to get the clearer picture of what actually it is, and what happens in it and why too.

Before i say anything, please realize that i am not trying to promote anything, especially any particular faith/religion. That is not my intention at all. My one and only purpose is to explain meditation, as a pure mental exercise, nothing else whatsoever. And, no religion/faith has any copyright on meditation either. Having said that, i may be forced to use some religious terminology while explaining some details, because of the non-availability any other alternative regarding that phenomenon.

It would be slow thread. I want to go in the details as far as possible and as far as i know, but slowly, step by step, otherwise it would not serve much purpose. I do not want it to be a monologue either. Posters are welcome to inquire further, question and even criticize. I do not know all, but certainly know enough to provide help, especially in the initial phases.

Next post will follow shortly.

with love,
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