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... moving forward, I do admit that I regretted slowing down the pace since the accompanying feelings of ineffable joy within also kind of tapered off with the Divine energy ebbing. Yet, I accepted it as my own choice.

Gradually, the build up of magnetic heat manifested again. Slower, this time and percolating across all nodes in the body ... who knows how many? Perhaps as many as are the pores! This time around I was comfortable with the energy buildup. Possibly, fear had reduced.

I felt also that not only the chakra zones but also all other lifetron nodes in the body as in vibrational alignment. Joy became bliss.

Then one night I awoke and ‘saw’ a benign but evolved form whose fiery amber eyes floated towards me, converging into a single eye and implanting itself in my third eye point. There was a brief telepathic interlude with this being, during which at my request I was shown the structure of the Universe but in a swift manner which my conscious mind could not assimilate.

So the third eye initiation we may say ... no clap of thunder and no revelation of wonder. Yet what followed was self-revealing

(to be continued)

Divine miracle
Renewal continual
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