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Originally Posted by Uma
I never heard of the chakras being associated with that symbol before. Interesting. Yes I use it for local contact reiki and the distance symbol for remote reiki.

Reiki is a powerful way to stream life force energy from Source to whoever needs it and wants it. It's like an adapter that helps me connect quickly and also boosts the connection I have already. The symbol has been charged with healing intention (as well as the words that go with it) so it's a great tool. When the link is strong and the person is in need, the energy comes in so hot that I need to remember to wear only a T-shirt because I break out into a sweat. But it's a nice feeling, like being in a sauna, and just as healing for me as for the recipient.

Reiki is also a way of life and it's wonderful to stream this energy whenever I see a situation that needs healing - like passing an ambulence on a highway. But the most powerful one I have found is hand to body, actually touching the person because we have chakras in our palms and so there is a direct conduit there that is very physical as well as through the subtle energy.


The Chakras are not normally associated with that symbol. I was lazy and used the easiest symbol I could use which had the Chakras superimposed.


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