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A Teleportation Phenomenon on the Untersberg Mountain

A persistently reported phenomenon on the Untersberg mountain in Bavaria is that of missing time and suddenly finding oneself in a different area without explanation as if one had been spontaneously teleported. Hikers have reported losing consciousness and then waking up in an unfamiliar part of the mountain with minutes or hours missing and unaccounted for. In some of these reports the person had travelled many miles within the span of just a few minutes.

I have had two experiences of this kind while living in Buenos Aires.

(1) At about 1420 hrs on Monday 13 September 2010 I went to meet my daughter from school. The afternoon was grey and drizzly. I was only fifty yards from the bus stop when I thought to myself that it was getting strangely greyer and darker. (Though no longer young, I am in good health, do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.)

Having been deprived of consciousness, eight minutes later I came to in another part of the district having crossed two of the most dangerous road junctions in the city.

I was disoriented and confused and for some minutes found myself continuing to walk in the opposite direction to where I had been going. Finally I sorted it all out and got back in time to meet my daughter.

It was not until the Wednesday that it occurred to me that something strange had happened on the Monday. Fortunately I had had the presence of mind to note it all down in my diary.

(2) The second such incident occurred at 1930 hrs on Wednesday 20 July 2011. Having left my daughter at the house of a schoolfriend, I decided to walk to the underground railway station on Avda.Cordoba along a road I know well. It was dark, midwinter.

My intention was to walk the four blocks west along Laprida to Avda. Cordoba. The first block I came to should have been "General Mansilla". As I crossed the intersection I noticed that the street sign read "AgŁero". This road AgŁero runs parallel to Laprida 100 yards or more north. The road sign reading AgŁero was correct and had not been interfered with, meaning that I had walked the 100 yards in a single minute unconscious under the guidance of an unknown force.

The only explanation is the word "AgŁero". The street is named after a military man but the meaning of the word in Spanish is "presage, omen". Nothing like this has happened to me since.
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