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Originally Posted by 7luminaries
I do wonder however if perhaps some of the difference (not all, mind you) that we may encounter has to do with how folks experience their perceptions. What I mean is that when some folks, for example, say, "I had an NDE, or an epiphany" or "Jesus came to me", etc., and are asked to describe it (as best they can)...some say it was a feeling...there were no visuals, no tangibles. Or they say Jesus came as a visuals, no tangibles. Or, "I felt the presence of God" or "I spoke to God"...but there is no visual, no audio...nothing but the spiritual sense. As opposed to the "usual" senses.


From a mindful perspective there are potentially as many ways to perceive self as there are individual self's .

This is the beauty of individuality, the uniqueness of each snowflake, not being identical but in a way all similar, and made form the same stuff .

It is therefore true that how one see's things will be true to them within this context .

A mirage is how they truthfully perceive what is supposedly there, but under different conditions it's seen through as not being there, same goes for the rope and the snake, so everything depends on the individual and how they see themselves in reflection of everything else .

You only get to know the mirage is a mirage when it no longer is .

It's only false or untrue when it's seen to be different from that, but where does it all end, seeing the world as light and not physical matter, seeing beyond the light into nothingness .

It can be a moving target in this respect but I would say keeping within certain contexts is beneficial in these instances .

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