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Child ghost or mylings experiences?

some time ago I experience suspecting I had a child-ghost in our home. Not knowing what to do I just let it be. I would end up treating it at times as my own. It liked to be in the kitchen and it liked toys that could remind the child-ghost of yesterdays. I could at times think but not be entirely sure I saw a small shadow move and spying on me. By how short it was I assumed it was not so old. there were times when I understood the child-ghost was afraid. After having had it for a rather long time and because of the fear that was shown from the child-ghost I prepared and asked the other side through prayers if anyone knew of this child-ghost and someone who had loved and loved it. I prepared a speech, ritual where to ask it to go to the light. I talked right out in the open, not expecting an answer. Everything went fine. I remember that I during this period would get easily more sick, it pained me to know that the child-ghost was afraid. Most memories of this were of positive nature. I remember children being irritated that a specific toy would be gone or make sounds on its own but I would say just play with something else and it worked fine. One night I heard a small voice in my sleep call me mother and then nothing else.

Now I found a link what it was that it could have been and wonder if anyone has experienced noticing child-ghost or the other name for "Mylings"?
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