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No you can't travel in time, those are just playing memories, and you won't change anything at all.

Instead you can travel in virtual realities where they have countless version of planet earth running right now in year 1,000, 500, 12,000, etc.

But the year label won't be accurate.

For them they will think they are in year 2000, but for you you'll label it as year 100 because it looks very old & primitive.

Reality is compossed by countless multiple & parallel virtual realities running in the present moment in countless dimensions by their own rulesets (you call it physics)

The concept of virtual realities is highly accurate.

You can have an OBE, and an awareness of the past in your current virutal reality, but that won't change nothing. I have experienced that, and it was very cool.

I have experienced 3 different virtual realities in my own house & town. Those are parallel virtual realities upon the same location of planet earth. All of them were in the present moment.

You can explore them too by doing OBE's for yourself
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