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Originally Posted by MAYA EL
....ok ...well have a good day..

No problem thanks, you too. Look what i was going to say is. What you said suggested that matter and spirit are separated. And they are but at one level they really seem to be two separate issues but non duality can also deal with duality. It can deal with matter and spirit and separateness no problem. I was only trying to point to gravity like pointing to birth and death to find, as you so rightly pointed out that it is a common thing that we share, all of humanity share it. I did this as a counter argument against ..what some people have called terminal uniquess, i am a long lasting separate individual entity who will enjoy this state of owning a body etc. for along time and in a certain way. This not true and is the work of the Ego.
So folks cant even admit to breathing the same air as you or experiencing the same laws as you, Gravity etc. and they are trying to find oneness. yeah right ! that was my point Maya El.
Anyway Maya El i dont find it easy to speak about these things at all. To describe spiritual experiences in words etc. and argumentation. Tres difficile my friend. Joe.

Ps. ...i play music alot and sing so i found the rhythm in those words quite easily so forgive me for that !!!

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