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i bought this emf detector for picking strong emf fields mobile phone masts, phones microwave etc it randomly scans the air wave anything that's in its close proximity from 200 mhz to 6000 mhz or 6 ghz its got an built in sound which can be sw manually the thing i noticed at times i get squeaks of almost audible voice trying to come through i cannot make out what it says as to short. it could be FM transmissions but i thought that was just below 200mhz what i did in my college days in electronics so I'm not sure as memory fades somewhat. i am some what of a fan of the paranormal programmes but i understand real life is not quite what they state in the paranormal series i know this is so as i used to work with a guy that guy on ghost haunts with some other fellas but not like the advertised series the reason i mention the above tester is that on my rounds as maintenance electrician my static voltage checker would suddenly start going off in my pocket when there was no presence of any voltages present in that particular hallway
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