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Question about Yahwism to people of Abrahamic faiths.

Background for those who don't know: So prior to Judaism and Samaritanism there was likely an earlier religion labeled by today as Yahwists, people who worshipped Yahweh but other deities too who gradually became monotheistic. Yahwism was at first polytheistic with Yahweh taking the place of gods like Baal and El becoming more and more Henotheistic and originally Yahweh likely had a wife; this then turned into monolatrism where there were more than one god but only one worthy of veneration. This then became groups like Judaism and Samaritanism, so then I have three questions for people who are of an Abrahamic faith.

1.Based on your religion's lens how would you interpret and understand Yahwism?

2.Based on your sect/denomination's lens how would you interpret and understand Yahwism?

3.Based on your own personal interpretations(personally as opposed to set of beliefs) how would you interpret Yahwism?
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