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Color Occult Powers, Siddhis, Superhuman Abilities

I am interested in learning more about these. Let me know if you have any information regarding the cultivation of them.

I know, that people will highlight the pitfalls (or unreality) of such goals, but please allow yourself to understand that there is nothing wrong with anything that empowers our humanity. I wrote a short article to balance out the other side of this story.

Of course, some occult powers seem relatively easy to obtain. Telepathy, Visions of Higher Beings, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, and so on.

Even now, we can see more advanced abilities such as people who display feats of immunity to the elements, living on little to no food/water, or telekinesis.

However, I am interested in the ones that probably will never be recorded because of some mysterious free will rule, such as:Teleportation, Levitation, Manifesting Objects or Shapeshifting of any kind. While the other powers have multiple and definite techniques, videos, guides and information to absorb. I have not seen anything of significance on these specific siddhis.

If you also have some good books/videos to view that focus on the topic some, I would greatly desire to know about that too. I understand these are very lofty ideals, but I find it is a more enjoyable use of my time than simply scrolling on social media or something.
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