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Oh many things!

Reading inspiring posts, here and in other places. Seeing that there is so much kindness and compassion from many, to balance the harsh things in the world.
Eating my dinner in the evening, walking in my favourite woods..... seeing a Jackdaw walking outside my window when I have just woken up, then look up at me and tip his head on one side....and I am suddenly vibrantly aware that I am surrounded by living intriguing characters; the birds, who pass by us every day and only sometimes we notice them.
When the stove lights easily....
When a dear one greets me from Spirit, filled with undying Love.
Being able to walk, and eat, and sleep, and breathe, and even run -at my age.
When the sun teases you, just behind a cloud, then suddenly breaks through and floods you with yellow light, then disappears again.
Nice dreams.
Starry skies.
Frosty mornings with blue skies.....but even moreso -snowy mornings with blue skies, or even snowy mornings with just snow.
Utter quietness....and on the other hand, that late show on Classic FM called smooth classics (lovely!)
Having a great book to read.
When a mean dog gives me a lick and a wag after weeks of working with her.
Somebody I know saying they now have the all-clear from a cancer scare.
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