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Stretching stillness

Stretch as in time
But time dissolves
No thought, no chime
Self control devolves

Movement imperceptible
Not as in linear sizing
Subtly perceptible
Magnetism rising

Presence observing
Unfettered, free flowing
Joyfully accepting
Surrendered allowing

Love being the enablement
Unreservedly sharing
That Universe endowment
In connectedness bestowing

Wills unify, spirit caring
Nonjudgmental pairing
Outpouring love ceaselessly

Stillness be alive
It’s movement heightened fragrance
Elixir of life deep in its hive
Manifesting as divine radiance

No struggle in extended stillness
For there is no struggler
Presence imbibes the essence
Universe is itself the adroit juggler

Automatic unfolding
In the now
Wonderful beholding
Within; if we but allow

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