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Originally Posted by kundalinikid
Hello and welcome.

My one thought was perhaps he is spurring some kind of spiritual awakening in you.

Also, the part about your throat chakra...perhaps his love is helping to balance your chakras? Why don't you follow up on throat chakra study to see if there is something there that would set off a light bulb within yourself.

Yes I was thinking in to this as he is somehow deepening my spirituality because I already meditate and I teach meditation for few seekers around the world. But usually when we talk about kundalini etc we usually experience as surge of energy etc etc or people get dream of some saints,God or light guiding them helping them...but in my case it seems my twin flame is doing it. He was like my mirror and was showing n mirroring me where my flaws are and where I had to work... After separation I am learning how to deal with abandonment as that was something I have buried behind and kept it and after he left and especially in separation I am dealing and battling abandonment etc..

Separation was hardest and then Finally I surrendered to God and that's when all these dreams and chakra spinning and stuffs started.

Thank you all for your help...
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