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Hello revug, welcome to this forum, dreams are very strange , I've had dreams about diff things in my time, sometimes , i think now this is my opinion ,but maybe the dream was express ing how u feel about him ,u probably had him on your mind , I'm not no expert on dreams , I've had dreams where i could feel the emotions in the dreams it would seem so surreal. I've had some where i couldn't figure them out i used to hav a dream dream book back yrs ago , i would look up what diff symbols of the dream would mean. & I'm sure u miss him , too naturally , so my opinion is that manifested in ur braim somehow &of coarse u dreamed of him. now if this person is supposed to be in your life than he will be , i kinda on the fence about twin flames , so i can't tell u if this person is meant to be in your life or not , i still hav dreams about my ex husband &of coarse i stayed with him for 27yrs married him than we divorced but we still remain good friends so i guess i still hav contact with him frpm tim e to time &i still deeply care for him even thro we can not live togeather he's a alcoholic so he does hav problem s but anyway back to your dream , maybe I'm sure he still cares for u , he probably told u that when u &him were at one time together &u told him u care for him ,so naturally that worked it out in a dream hon i hope i explained it somewhat , so like i say if its meant to be it will be. I've never got really deeply research ing twin flames or soulmates there could be something to it. but I'm not sure just live ur life the best way u can &try &be happy. hon. ok
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