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Intro: This is coming from an old lady who lives in the woods on a creek, alone except for two bright dogs. I am comfortable this way, as a rule. I have never been comfortable opening up to my life's spiritual experiences. I have had unusual events since I was a toddler. I don't know what to call some of them, but now that life has settled down for me I have time to think about them and oddly, have more. There are some out there reading this that know what I am talking about when I say I have never felt at home in the world, though I have accomplished things in the arts.
I have specific questions sometimes that I would like to see if others can relate to. Right now, for instance I would like to know if any of you have communication with your guides, angels, and if you worry that you are "making it up". Also, a "book" appeared on my computer supposedly taken down by Christopher Larson, that was dictated to him by Archangel Michael. This was dated, I believe, 2008. "The Death of Mortality". I can't find anything on it online. Have any of you read it or have seen anything on it?
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