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Originally Posted by BigJohn
I think you will agree, Spiritualism became divided over reincarnation.

When you are over in the UK, are there any really good Churches to go to?

Last point first - yes there are!

Unlike in the USA, though, there is a very large network of Spiritualist churches in the UK in a very small landmass. I can't tell you they're all as good as one another because that's partly down to their organising committees but those affiliated to the SNU have similar aims.

Spiritualists - or those just interested or curious - may have a selection of churches within a radius of just a few miles, depending on where they live. I have half a dozen within spitting distance of my home town and another half dozen a little further away for example.

Most offer demonstrations of mediumship, a so-called Divine Service on Sunday evening, healing days and perhaps development. If those aspects are your idea of "really good churches" then, yes, there are quite a few!

As for reincarnation I'm really not sure it's been that divisive although I personally regret Spiritualism doesn't have concrete guidance. On the other hand it was never a deal-breaker for me but, then, I'm a very simple soul.

I found sufficient guidance elsewhere and it's complimentary to the simple teaching and guidance I first learned within Spiritualism. Beyond Spiritualism's simple message of survival I can't reconcile life without embracing the principle of multiple lives for most of us if not for all of us.

To properly comprehend why that's the case it needs a broader look at what spiritual life and progression is all about anyway. As I know you are already aware. Many, though, have a ways to go before they get it.
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