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Originally Posted by Elfin
Hi ThatMan...what a lovely experience. A powerful one too if your third eye is still feeling it...but a wonderful vision. I love that time of night, as I settle down and allow my third eye to show me things. It's exciting, like settling down to watch a film you have never seen because you never know what you will be shown.

Yes, you're right, it's very active, you know that blackness we see when we have our eyes closed? I was seeing images forming and they were surreal. I was flying over forests, over green fields, then I used this to merge myself with that white pure light and my whole body transformed into light, then, it was a body of light. I was feeling so grateful and tankful and appreciative to everything I ever experienced, then a plum fell from plum tree touching my right hand, waking me up. Yes, I meditate in nature, in a field of plum trees.

I felt that this plum fell intentionally on me to wake me up, it never happened before. I was like fully merging with the golden white light.

I am really happy that you too can have such surreal experiences, they are a wonderful gift and blessing!

This is the music I discovered last night, it's so beautiful and peaceful!
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