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Originally Posted by Still_Waters
Check that! ...whatever it means...

Please excuse my delayed response. I just haven't been frequenting this site as much as in the past. For the last few days, I've been hanging out with some meditation buddies who had requested a private audience with one of my Hindu/Sufi sage friends who, among other things, has a vivid recall of the process of her own birth process starting before conception. She no longer participates in groups or public forums but I am fortunate to be able to spend private time with her and introduce her to some of my sincere intense friends.
Thanks for the update, 11th EXCERPT QUOTer.

You obviously are very well informed on yoga theory (jnana, atma vichara, nirguna dhyana, Ramana Maharshi, Uladu Narpadu, etc.).
As much as you?

What caught my attention most in your post, however, was your emphasis on PRACTICE. I'd be interested in hearing more about the parts of your post that you have directly experienced during your practice.
My words must stand solely by the virtue of their own merit, entirely independent of any crendentials of their author. You may judge my words by the fecundity of your own experience, or not; but not by mine.

Yes, Practice is most important, and its emphasis is the only meaningful purpose to any words on such matters that I could ever utter...

Beyond that, who cares what I say?

As for Ramana, his words often (not always) were NOT "directly commensurate to the comprehension of their hearers/readers" as he would often make listeners/readers come as close to his level of understanding as possible instead of coming down to their level. That's one thing that I really like about Ramana. In private one-on-one interactions, my teacher would do precisely that and it was mind-boggling as well as frustrating.... initially.
LOL. I wasn't saying that Sri Ramana skimmed his words off at the top or watered them down. Only that personal experience is equally proportionate to the "scope" of said words.
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