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Reply to those who are interested …

Please read the current post #570 … Considerations 143 … page 57 … as this reply will build a bit on that post and that post has led to these interactions.

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I will rarely … if ever … get into methodology. It would be incredibly irresponsible for me to do so. Another reason … what I have been discussing for the last 140-odd posts … comes from a set of teachings that leads each individual to discover SO much more than what I could even begin to put in here … and that cannot possibly be discussed in a forum board. Another reason … if I gave methodology that took the individual into an area s/he was unprepared for … and that individual got themselves into trouble … I would have to take responsibility for that.

The set of teachings I have been following for the last good number of incarnations and managed to uncover in written and personal form this lifetime … is incredibly old. Anybody on this forum board has read too many times to remember … “Follow MY set of teachings and they will lead you to Truth” … only to be disappointed again and again. I understand that. The teachings I am a part of were *only* taught on the inner before this current period of time and there are reasons for that and I will not discuss them here.

So … my approach has been … to give you a glimpse of “what’s there” … and that it is very, very real … and attainable … for those that wish to devote themselves to greater Truth … which by now … with the over-use of the word Truth … can be somewhat meaningless.

A parable told to me so very long ago … I hate to even consider a date for it …

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You find yourself walking down a gorgeous valley between two mountain ranges on either side. The valley is breathtakingly beautiful … the mountains even more so. The trail is adequately worn so you will not get lost in this unfamiliar region. You turn a corner and up ahead you see the path come to a crossroads. As you approach the crossroads you glance down the path that benches to the left and you see picnic tables, barbecues, children playing, adults engaged in leisure sports, the scent of hamburgers and hot dogs float through the air … it is a nostalgic scene. Glancing to the right-hand branch … you can see tall buildings that have the university feel to them … libraries … very scholarly people walking around and these are easily recognizable, familiar, and alluring.

Now you turn your attention to the path that would continue straight ahead and it continues for maybe 100 feet beyond the crossroads and then disappears into a deep, dark forest. It defines caution and appears most forbidding.

So now … two questions …

One … which path would YoU take?

All would choose the familiar and enticing scenes. Who wouldn’t? VERY few would wish to enter to the great Unknown … no matter how one wishes to define a vast, totally unfamiliar zone of relative unexplored territory. The number of entities that have made it into and have become established here are incredibly small in number … relatively … and that is an understatement.

Secondly … how long will it be … and what experiences will you have to undergo … before you choose the path straight ahead?

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The path beyond the mental realms is not just another interesting place … to be added to your collection of experiences in the Lower Psychic Worlds. What’s “there” … is much less important than what one has to face before they can find out for themselves. The Pure God Worlds are totally different than the Lower Psychic Worlds. Consider this … since the creation of each individual Soul in the Pure God Worlds and the subsequent launch into the Lower Psychic Worlds for education … Soul Itself has *never* experienced pure consciousness … in spite of all the proclamations of the online guru’s who have claimed such. In no way, shape, or form … literally … are there recognizable facets there that mind would grasp. In a previous post … I suggested the north pole and how the human body would need protection there or it would not survive. Soul Itself needs the bodies for protection. Soul Itself … on Its own … could not survive in the Lower Psychic Worlds. Well … mind could not survive in the Pure God Worlds … for much the same reason. It is a totally and distinctly different vibration … if you will … and mind cannot “go” there.

So … what would be “necessary” to face, solve, and resolve to “get there” … is what most of these posts addresses in subtle or direct ways.

In considering Still Water’s reference to “clouds of unknowing” and “not knowing” … ponder this … rather than approaching it all through the path of mind where all the aspects of mind … the reference to “ I “ and ego and thought itself and beliefs and opinions and on and on and on … and wanting to stop mind to get beyond it all … perhaps … just perhaps … the “not knowing” and the “clouds of unknowing” refer more to those troubling aspects and beliefs that one “knows” that holds the individual to the Lower Psychic Worlds and prevents them from venturing on more deeply into Truth. These beliefs that we hold … SO many of them must be given up … or you will get nowhere. Maybe this is the “unknowing” that has been subtly whispered in so many ways.

Will you have to set aside your old beliefs in order to really venture beyond the mind? Probably.

Will you have to face the memory of being set up SO many times by empty promises of teachings that lead to greater Truth only to be disappointed and face how to get beyond that? Probably.

Will you have to find a set of teachings that has an authentic Master at the helm and follow what He says? Probably.

Will He ask you to face aspects of Self that you certainly do NOT want to face? Probably. ( Isn’t the the point ? )

Will you finally have to come to terms with words and definitions and beliefs that you currently hold as true and do heavy revision with all of that? Probably.

Will you find a way to dismiss all of this and sidestep it all? Probably.

Are you willing to truly uncover and realize just how deceptive the mental ways are? Probably.

And so many more facets that are rarely if ever discussed openly. In a sense … that’s why I am putting this information in here.

So … what one has to solve and resolve before the more advanced steps are taken is much more important than methodology to get someone beyond where they are before they are ready.

This is not a game … people. When you begin to ponder on taking this step … this vaults you into what is real … very real indeed … and all here in the Lower Psychic Worlds is real enough but is not the foundation of creation itself. In the Pure God Worlds … there is nothing to manifest. There are no actionable experiences. You are not only very much on your own … but there is nothing familiar that you can hold onto. The Pure God Worlds are not just another place to visit. Game-players and shortcut designers are not allowed. You wash out almost instantly.

There is not an “expansion” of consciousness. That is minds approach … where to “grow” in mental awareness you must “add to” what you already hold. Stepping into the Lower Psychic Worlds … they “expand” to the limits that can even be discerned and experienced. Stepping beyond … it is a distinctly different approach, region, and level. Since you will most likely continue your present incarnation when you take this step … you quickly learn the dissimilarity between the two and when each one is “used” … so to speak. It would be unnecessary to “use” the Lower Psychic Worlds facets and practices in the Pure God Worlds and so you “live beyond” them for the moment you are there … but when you return to the Lower Psychic Worlds … the “purity” that Soul Itself gains by doing this … one learns to hold to that while still using the Lower Psychic Worlds bodies. You truly live in two worlds. And yes … I have seen on the forum board … the word “purity” is a loaded word. Nonetheless … on we go.

So I am going to drop back and continue with my approach … offering more of what one has to face to “get there” and what might be found “there” … rather than try to actually “lead” someone there. I will admit … I am totally unprepared to do that personally. I may have the ability to “stop the mind” on command … but I do not as of yet have the ability to accompany another into the Pure God Worlds … take them there and help them get established so they can continue on their own. That … you need an authentic Master for.

Will you have to eventually find an authentic Master and follow His lead?


Please consider … *very* few have *ever* worked with an authentic Master … no matter the claim otherwise.

So many of us confuse personal stubbornness and ego with pride of doing it on ones own. We believe such stubbornness is a strength. Skepticism … yes. Refusing to allow it to begin toward for you? Not so much. We can find endless excuses / reasons to stay where we are.

With eternity to work with … each one of us *will* take these steps.

Just when … is up to you.

On we go.

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