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yeah ~ just more bad news is always a bad thing ~ it's like terrorism ~ it can be used as a form of black magic

this woman was speaking about staying away from the news ~ she pretty much said what you said

she also talks about Chi Kung ~ I think chi kung helps a lot and it's definitely a part of taoism

I usually try to include feng shui in my taoism ~ I have a huge taoism collection that includes feng shui into the taoist teachings ~ but I have also read a lot of books on feng shui and learned that it is a whole different religion all by it's self ~ they even have their story of how the world was created ~ just like christians and vikings

what helps me the most would probably be chi kung ~ baguazhang ~ tai chi ~ and yoga

also intention ~ taoist do have sects devoted to magic ~ I am more active in the martial arts sects ~ but I have become interested in magic ~ feng shui probably has a lot to do with intention

I read a book that said if you wanted to practice yoga ~ you have to live in a shack plastered with cow dung with no insects by yourself at least 2 miles away from anyone else ~ I guess that would probably help keep the noise pollution down then you wouldn't have neighbors projecting their black magic noise pollution into your peace and quiet ~ which disturbs the peace and is menacing ~ which = disturbing ~ a person can only be around so much evil before it consumes them.

I have studied taoist magic and learned about black magic ~ before I learned about black magic ~ I just called it evil ~ I knew what people were doing was evil but I didn't know it was actually black magic ~ which I guess = satanism
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