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Originally Posted by Greenslade
JRO made interesting observations about psychic phenomena, which is not the subject of the thread if you want to stay on track.

The observations made by jro (to which I referred) were in posting #35 and said "Where I work, we are overwhelmed with cases and I know this is true of the entire area. People are signing up for mental health services and having to wait for weeks or even months. The psychiatric hospitals here are turning people away that they shouldn't be turning away because there just aren't enough beds. Yes, mental health is skyrocketing."
I was already "on track" with what I referred to.
There's probably any amount of Youtube vids about it if you care to look. I was talking about mental health issues and how the mind/brain can create the reality of 'demons', and sometimes what people call demons aren't always ugly creatures with horns.
I have absolutely no interest in viewing YouTube videos in the way you suggest. I much prefer to engage on the points under discussion and with the greatest of respect that's what I had been doing.
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