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Originally Posted by Yunoschut
Could you give me a link to some reliable material on how to do this please? I heard about self hypnosis before, but I always had some doubts about safety of this practice.

The best book on self-hypnosis, I've read, is Leslie LeCron's "Self-Hypnosis". It is only like 60 pages long, first half being about how to get into self-hypnosis., second half a few concrete applications.

You can borrow from here for free:

LeCron wrote several other good books on this subject:

There are some interesting hypnosis related articles in "Experimental Hypnosis": esearch
Milton Erickson's "Deep Hypnosis" is very informative: esearch
This is a recommendation for learning self-hypnosis, to get into trance.

Further, you'll have to practice it, and use it as a tool to get what you want.
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