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Fish Index of Uma's 40 Days Reflections (updated)

My सद्गुरू Satguru, Sri Vasudeva (lineage of Siddha Yoga / Maha Yoga)

The 40 Days Observance is an annual ashram retreat and online meditation experience hosted by my wonderful teacher Sri Vasudeva and his organization Blue Star. In 2015 I began posting my reflections about his teachings and sharing my own practice insights on Spiritual Forums. I tried to make these very profound and esoteric teachings understandable (as much as I understand them) to people not so familiar with the Sanskrit terminology and advanced meditation. I'm not trying to preach to anybody, just sharing what I knew at the time of writing the post, and looking for answers same as anybody else.

2017 40 Days "Lifting the Veil of Maya" reflections (now in progress):
Introductory preambles Introduction ; More about self discipline; Guidance on the journey ; Final introduction
Day 1 Day1 Maya - the dream realities
Day 2 Day 2 Investigating the nature of Consciousness
Live online meditation retreat from March 25, 2017 to May 5, 2017[link]

2016 40 Days "Exploring Maha Yoga" reflections:
Introduction Introduction to the 2016 40 Days Observance and this video link
Night before Preparation = Better Meditation
Day 1 Seeking the Self Within
Day 2 Mind is not a Brain!
Day 3 Being Mindful of BOTH Anatomies
Day 4 That which is beyond mind
Day 5 Deepening the practice
Day 6 Piloting my plane during sitting meditation practice
Day 7 Discriminating & detached observing
Day 8 Uniting head, heart & body
Day 9 Centering
Day 10 The Guru Principle
Day 11 Meditating on the Guru
Day 12 Light my light with your light
Day 13 Observing where I'm blocked
Day 14 Oh Goddess within
Day 15 Spring cleaning
Day 16 Goal of meditation
Day 17 Keeping my private eye on my "I"
Day 18 Acknowledging Divine power & presence and letting go to it
Day 19 Breath to brow <3 the joy of pranayama & More about prana
Day 20 Mantra power
Day 21 Guru Consciousness
Day 22 Present Moment Awareness
Day 23 No Free Lunch!!!
Day 24 From knowing to flowing to flying
Day 25 Surrendering doer-ship
Day 26 Observing ego transforming
Day 27 The super-charger meditation
Day 28 Strengthening my nervous system
Day 29 Striving for Satya Yuga consciousness
Day 30 Sporting with the elements
Day 31 Gut consciousness & power
Day 32 Emotional intelligence in the play
Day 33 Spiritual Intelligence of Crown Consciousness
Day 34 Following my Joy
Day 35 Every spiritual experience is a gift that should be put to work
Day 36 The importance of moment-to-moment meditation
Day 37 Transforming karma from the inside
Day 38 Coming into my own power
Day 39 The final surrender!
Day 40 How a master transforms other people's anger
Day After Appreciating the gifts of the 40 Days

2015 40 Days "Self Mastery - The Practice" reflections:
Introduction to the 2015 40 Days Observance link
Day before 40 Days Self-Mastery = World Mastery
Day 1 The Master within
Day 2 The Field behind form
Day 3 Yogic-Taoist combination technique
Day 4 Experiencing your Essence through relationships
Day 5 How Masters help us back to our centre; Who needs a Guru?
Day 6 Granthis - the Knots also Introduction to our 4 bodies/states
Day 7 The joy of moving from "doer" to "non-doer"
Day 8 Observing the power of the mind to create its reality
Day 9 The 4th state
Day 10 Centred in the Space beyond forms
Day 11 (Easter Sunday)
Day 12 Entering the Zone of pure potential
Day 13 Non-attachment as a proactive thing; Observing thoughts in meditation; Choosing thoughts wisely; Chidakasha - the space of memories
Day 14 Pranayama exercises
Day 15 Opening the chakras - what your yoga teacher doesn't know
Day 16 Prana awareness; Being fed from the inside and (Genesis 3:3)
Day 17 The crown chakra - the only one that is real
Day 18 Conversations with God; The power of sacred space
Day 19 Three brains meditation
Day 20 Mastering my lower nature; The joy of getting to know my chakras
Day 21 My heart chakra - bridge to infinity or limitation; Social function of the heart chakra
Day 22 Meditating to create a world without lawyers, policemen and doctors; spiritual vs religious
Day 23 My body is perfect for my soul's purpose; Moving prana while meditating; chakra teamwork
Day 24 Mastering sexual energy
Day 25 The tragedy of the soul in the human experience;Saraswati - the power of speech; Lakshmi - energy of the heart; Kali - the dismantling energy
Day 26 Karma is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get; Types of karma and other terminology
Day 27 Soul's relationship to the body
Day 28 The Secret to All Relationships & Freedom in Relationships
Day 29 Using the brow chakra effectively in relationships; Why cleanliness is next to Godliness; The best thought form of all
Day 30 Equipoise & letting go
Day 31 Ego battles with itself
Day 32 How to get the most out of mantra repetition

There is more here:
2010 40 Days transcripts: link

Free wholistic wellness info on ✯ YouTube ✯ and my notes and art SF threads.
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