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What is Taoism?

For some time, I have been fascinated by the attempts made by so many to qualify, quantify, identify, or deify the Inaffable, Infinite Essence. I've come to the realization that any such attempts to do so are as futile as describing the color of a mirror.....especially if you are both the mirror, and That which is "reflected" in it!

How can such a paradox be ? As indicated in the 1st reference: "Physiological reality, take me literally... is a mirror, it is just a more complex mirror, a holographic mirror... a multi-dimensional mirror, so that you don't always recognize all the reflections as you, but believe me... they are... .all the reflections are you, and I mean literally every object, person, place and thing, every situation... every circumstance, every moment of time and space is you being reflected back to yourself, from the particular point of view you chose to express at that particular moment. The idea therefore, is to understand, that what you will always discover, will simply be All That Is expressing itself through the unique portion of All That Is you were created to be. Remember the Second Law: "The One is All, the All are One". Every component of the All That Is, all of you... all of us, every individuated being... every individuated concept, is the whole expressing itself as a part. Important point... I'll rewind that and repeat it, because we understand that you have been trained to think segregationally, sometimes individuals on your planet may miss the point, all of you are, yes... a part of the whole, but as a part of the whole, you are the Whole expressing Itself as "a part of the whole". Big difference than just thinking of yourself as a part of the whole without the other side. You have to understand yourself holigraphically, it is this and that... not this or that. So, you are the part... you are the whole, you are both one and the same, but expressing the whole as a part."

You are the essence of Tao as much as Tao is the essence of you and all of Creation.

Experiencing Tao would be like feeling what Moses suddenly understood what God meant when He told Moses Who He is:


There being "no other" than.....the Creator of ALL there is, then Who must WE (and Moses) be ??

The answer to that question can be spoken or even thought about, but ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING it as the "this and that" Truth of YOU....

...cannot be described, only experienced.

Tao is a name given by philosopher Lao Tzu to That which cannot be defined or expressed, with ANY name or word or thought.

All There Is being this and that, one can only silently point to the verity of Lao Tzu's quote: He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know".....

Accordingly, lest one be tempted to espouse that there are no "Gods" in Taoism... equally aware that there is no Tao in Taoism, by the same inaffable, unspeakable profundity.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself"....because thy neighbor IS Thyself !

Do you feel it? It is...


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