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How has God answered your prayers?

Originally Posted by happyblah
I found this article about how God answers or doesnt answer prayers and why. I thought id share as i found it really interesting. .

How has God answered your prayers? I have a few stories but I want to hear others stories.


I enjoyed reading the attachment you provided about how / when God answers prayer. I've attached 2 examples of how my prayers have been answered.

In the 3rd reference, I provided an explanation that helps me understand is not from "want" of God's answers to our prayers that stymies the manifestation of our needs.... is from lack of awareness and conscious (eyes wide open) use of the immutable Principles by which one recognizes that what we "want" is already, always present and available. God loves us so much that He has ALREADY answered ALL our prayers even before we were born.

....exactly like the availability of air (prayer answered) PRECEDES our need to breathe it (prayer request)....or we would not even be able to pray (breathe) at all.

Hope this, and the references below, makes you smile and thankful, as am I....for every breath, so to speak.

God bless you...



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