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lumas 20-10-2006 06:51 PM

Hi daisy i am a spiritulist and i suppose it all started around the ageof 14, my mother always said i had certain abilities and that i had gifts she had already been sitting in a circle for some time and was very phsycic i started to ask questions about what she did and what it was all about she asked me if i wanted to know more and took me along to a spiritualist church where i saw other people recieving evidence of survival from loved ones.

That was it i was hooked and it was then that i joined our beloved circle and recieved evidence from my father who i lost in a tragic traffic accident when i was just seven from that day that my plans were made and i was going to be a medium and help people in thier berievement by giving them the evidence they needed to give them hope and to just know that there was something else other than this life.

well im still learning still developing and still in the same circle which has now moved on to become working/rescue circle its pysically and mentaly draining but the end results are out of this world (litterally) and i love it ive had many wonderful experiences and been told that it is only the tip of the iceburg bring it on!!!!

~Jay~ 20-10-2006 06:57 PM

I'd love to hear more about the work you do with your circle, lumas. Rescue work is something I'm very interested in doing, once I've developed my own skills a bit more.:wink:

You're doing such a worthwhile job! :smile:

Nighttemplar 23-10-2006 10:39 PM

Hi Daisy
I was hooked about 5 years ago--yes 'hooked'.
I was the original 'Doubting Thomas' I enjoyed tearing apart the dogma of most religeons. Many years ago I was asked to leave a Bible reading class--I was raising too many awkward questions.

Then 5+ years ago I had one of those life crises, and visited a 'fortune teller'. Spoke to her 3 times in all and found she helped sort my problem-this was July/Aug. By Easter my life was back on track, so I went back to thank her for her help. She had gone and to this day do not know where she is. Her name was 'Polly'.
She had mentioned the local spiritualist church,so thought I might find her there or someone who would know where she was. I was made so welcome and they sing such wonderful songs, I kept going. I was fascinated by the medium bit , giving messages-some so trivial! After my 4th visit I still had not figured out how the medium was doing it, when she came to me. The messgae was simple "Albert and George wished to be remembered to me. They were brothers, more than brothers , brothers in arms. They still thought I was a 'bonny wee lad'."
Haha I left that night swearing never to return--I knew no Albert or a George--what a load of rubbish!!
I spoke to my Mother the next day, recounting the 'funny' message. She paused then said but your Grandfathers brothers were Albert and George. They had returned from WW1 unscathed in body but not in mind. They got into all sorts of trouble and would eventually have gone to prison. They emigrated to Australia and were forgotten as 'black sheep' by the family
When I was 2 we were staying with my Fathers parents awaiting to move into our fist house. Albert and George visited for 4 weeks, they never again returned to England. They spent their nights drinking and their days taking me out. And yes they referred to me as the 'bonny wee lad'.
You dont get any more emphatically hooked than that--I have travelled a long path these last five years--Doubting Thomas is lost for words!
I still do have one question--why did spirit 'hook' me so late in life??????
Hope that is of some use to you dear lady Peter xxx

daisy 23-10-2006 10:59 PM

hey nighttemplar if you look back and i mean really look back you'll see they 'hooked' you a long time ago.
i've just recognised this for myself. i love the spiritualist churches (apart from the singing lol) i was 'hooked' myself for a long time used to go up to 3 times a week, thomas, doubt no more xxx

kundalini 23-10-2006 11:02 PM

Hi Nighttemplar,

I found your story to be most interesting and that question you asked at the end I would like to address. In my opinion, spirituality operates a lot with the issue of faith and you stated that you were a doubting thomas. Working on that assumption, I would say the reason spirit took so long to 'hook' you was because upto that point you had never truly believed but by going to the spiritualist church you were showing the possibility of believing in spirit and so they...'hooked' you.

Hope that helps,


Nighttemplar 24-10-2006 07:53 AM

Hi Kundalini
I was being very kind to my former self when using the phrase 'Doubting Thomas'. I hated and loathed all organised religion, saw it as the shackles of reason. I remember watching the film 'Mission' and then researching it's authenticity. I felt such anger towards the established churches for what they had done.
I was more than doubting thomas I was a crusader against all religion, christianity in particular. I was wasting my talents and required a big kick up the backside--I got it!!!!

daisy 30-10-2006 12:07 AM

we all need a kick up the backside from time to time, and usually get it too lol, i understand your feelings towards religion though i was brought up as an atheist

kundalini 30-10-2006 12:11 AM

I had forgotten about this thread!

Interesting point nighttemplar and I too understand your stance towards organised religion. Me myself have no religion but spiritual leanings...I would describe myself as a spiritualist.


angelrealms 02-11-2006 05:41 AM

hi ya all
i am a spiritualist, mine started when i was born,lol, when i was about 5/6yrs old i used to be woken by somebody sitting on my bed, this went on for yrs, and it frightened the live out of me, i would scream the house down, i would just be sitting doing nothing and someone would walk pass me, i would tell my mother but she never believed me, i would hear people talking to me asking me to help them, but no one else could hear them, all my family thought i was mad, myself included,since i was a young child i have drawn angels they always have a child with them, i have seen a angel, not one with white wings and a white gown, it was the most awesome thing i have ever seen in my life, i have always known spirit is around us since i was so young,i now feel at this point in my life i am being drawn to something else. so i just go with the flow and wait and see what happens, i have learnt spirit will not be rushed,

Lee 04-11-2006 06:49 PM

I'm visting a spiritualist church tomorrow night 5th nov, this will be my second time within a year.

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