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A human Being 26-06-2020 07:35 AM

Amoda Maa Jeevan on breaking the spell of separation:

'We have been conditioned to protect, defend and armor ourselves so that we stay safe. We have learnt to put up walls around our hearts when someone gets too close and to pull blinkers over our eyes so that we don't see what we don't like. These patterns are so ingrained that they happen unconsciously.'

'If we want to empower ourselves to be all that we truly are, we need to make some degree of effort to overcome this inertia. It's easy to think that giving in to old patterns requires less energy, but the small amount of effort it takes to overcome this sleepiness actually allows us access to boundless energy that is at our source.'

'Making the choice to wake up means breaking out of your self-imposed prison. When you stop clinging to your habitual self-protectiveness and let go into the river of life, you experience the perfection of this moment as it is... in all its glory and all its horror.'

'When you shut down or tighten to protect yourself, pain becomes a curse that follows you around. Whatever you resist will always come back to you, over and over again; retraction from pain creates a knot of tension that cries out to be noticed.'

'When you allow yourself to relax into what hurts, a doorway opens to a new level of experience that enriches your life and transforms pain into a blessing. Whatever shape your pain may take, you can choose to relax, breathe into it and flow with its contours.'

ocean breeze 12-07-2020 05:54 AM

"You possess everything you need right now to be happy and fulfilled. Happiness naturally awakens in you through a simple process of awareness. You see life differently because you are different. You see things you have never seen before. Beautiful things. You're much more energetic, much more alive. When you finally awake, you don't try to make good things happen; they just happen. You understand suddenly that everything that happens to you is good, and that all is well, even at times when things are a mess." - Anthony De Mello

ocean breeze 12-07-2020 05:56 AM


ocean breeze 12-07-2020 05:56 AM


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ocean breeze 12-07-2020 05:57 AM


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Miss Hepburn 13-07-2020 05:28 PM

Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled...

Neville Goddard

A human Being 18-07-2020 10:57 PM

'What is real is what is felt, not what is thought. Not the meaning we create from our experience. Feeling, really feeling - that's acceptance.' - Jon Bernie

ajay00 23-07-2020 09:44 AM

Desires slay patience. ~ Vidura (Mahabharatha)

If you have patience, then you'll also have love. Patience leads to love. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi

Patience leads to love. If you forcefully open the petals of a bud, you won't be able to enjoy its beauty and fragrance. Only when it blossoms by following its natural course, will the beauty and fragrance of a flower unfold. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi

Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time." Jon Kabat Zinn

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