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Lynn 10-03-2019 12:01 AM

Heat Treated Crystals and Dye Infused Crystals

So many times I am finding that there is a lot of "heat treated" crystals on the market place of late. I too have noted that there is a lot of "common" agate that has been dye infused. If the colour is too bright most likely its been messed with and the value there is not as great as the price tag on it.

I have an example from a store that sells them as "Decorative Ware" not crystals so in that if you know your crystals your not going to by them for metaphysical purposes. YET I was like blown away on the price tag on "fakes" heat treated amethyst as someone could have been taken in that does not know their crystals thinking it was a good deal. (compared to what a real one goes for not heat treated).

So if you heat treat it or dye infuse it is it then "fake" I feel yes but not all feel that way. When you burn something you change its make up, I see fire as a cleansing so you remove the value energy of that stone.

I had to laugh when some were "finger lifted" and landed on a Buy and Sell site, that were faked.

Its such a case of buyer be wary out there, at times yes you find good deals at the retail home stores but be careful.

So what do you think of Heat Treating or Dye infusing crystals and how they are seen ?

For me personally I will not touch them. The yare altered and faked. No value as energy source just something pretty to look at.


FairyCrystal 10-03-2019 10:30 AM

Fire is much more than just cleansing. To me it's actually more transmuting than cleansing. The cleansing with Fire is getting rid of the negative, not the positive.
The normal description of citrine (attracting wealth etc) IS that of heat treated citrine, so what was previously amethyst. Natural citrine has different qualities.

I don't feel that it robs crystals of energy, otherwise most ppl's citrine wouldn't do anything at all. It's just been transmuted from amethyst to citrine a bit faster than nature does it.
If something is dyed I guess it depends on what the original stone is that was dyed.
I know malacholla is usually partially dyed. I have a malacholla and a piece broke off. I was shocked to see that its insides looked like cement, apart from a thin layer of malacholla on one side.
I contacted my crystal shop to let them know and ask them if they knew. They immediately made inquiries with their contacts and turns out it is normal practice. Apparently it is often/always a thin layer of malacholla on motherstone and then they dye the motherstone.
This is done with the outside of large amethyst geodes as well. The motherstone is dyed anthracite to make it look prettier.
I rather have the grey motherstone with the thin layer of malacholla, so without the dye.
I don't like the feeling that I'm getting conned.

Crystals that have been irradiated I'm not sure about. Not certain how that affects the energy?

Dyed agate... I usually don't like the over the top bright colours. I feel it's more for tourists who like a pretty coloured chime or something. And granted, some of them look nice. But then I would buy them for that, something colourful for the patio, not for the quality of agate.
In spite of that, I do have a howlite bracelet that is dyed (aqua). I knew when I bought it it wasn't turquoise. I think that's what it said on the card. But I felt I had both the energy of howlite and that of the colour aqua/turquoise. Colour therapy is very powerful, so in that way it can also have an effect. I would not have bought the bracelet if it had been natural, hihi.

Lucky 10-03-2019 05:05 PM

It's funny you bring up this topic Lynn...
Whenever I go into those retail home stores just to browse, I get to the aisle where they display these beautiful chunks of crystals and salt lamps and I get dizzy and have to leave the store. Every. Single. Time. It's as if I know they were tampered with and dyed just to make them prettier. I'd imagine this takes away from their original properties, just like polished and tumbled stones are not as powerful as the raw untouched ones so they say.

Sapphirez 10-03-2019 06:01 PM

That's interesting Lucky.. yeah it makes me very sad to see color dyed crystals, and I did pick some up when I was new on my crystal journey. not even sure I'd want to give them away to someone.. but I am sure I will find a use for them because I do like pretty things even if they are made out of plastic or other fake materials sometimes.. so I try to appreciate that the crystals or natural objects are now in this modified state and love them anyways, but it just hurts a little lol

for me besides the atrocity that this fake or artificial conditioning was done to the natural objects, the toxicity of the dyes used is what upsets me the most. and I feel that can't be good or fair to the crystals. I do agree with FairyCrystal that color therapy is healing and powerful, but we don't need that done to crystals to benefit from color therapy so it's really senseless. As for heat treating, it's a shame it's a lot more commonplace than we think.. it's hard to know how best to avoid any adulterations to crystals and of course trusting a supplier is tough enough to begin with. I don't think that we can compare the Earth's irradiation and heat treating to man doing it himself.. We have to be careful how much we think we can play God or achieve the same results, on all levels molecularly and energetically and so on because it just isn't comparable.
I mean this subject also reminds me of those orgone pyramids and stuff. I'm almost interested in trying to make some of those some day, but the fact that the crystals become encased in poly resin and other synthetic ingredients are used in them, it just doesn't seem worth it no matter how profound the potential energy coming from them can be. suffocating crystals in plastics and dyes and such just doesn't seem right

Lynn 10-03-2019 06:51 PM


Citrine is a great example. We had one in the store that was expensive over $400 on the tag but you could tell it had been "heat treated" and it got finger lifted and posted for re sale. No one on site bit at buying it pointing out to this one that it was "fake" and so not worth that price. LOL their loss. Thought they would make a quick buck and Karma bit.

I wonder if the buyers that do the picking for the stores pay too much for "fake" stones as they might not understand the true values. It like the Salt Lamps now that are in every drug store and shop it seems. Not all are even made of Himalayan Salt at all they are a man made make up.

I have to laugh at the stuff that comes in that does not sell and sits there, that has a huge price tag on it, as buyers are getting more educated on what is real and what is fake and learning that natural is better.

The amethyst tower I got at a retail store might have been slightly heat treated but not to the point its BRIGHT blinding purple. It feels amazing so I know there is life in it.


Crystal canuck 11-03-2019 06:27 AM

What's the point in having stones that are dyed or heated ? Its unnatural, you might as well buy a hunk of plastic.:icon_frown: It ruins the whole conversation when you have to say this isn't from nature.

Sure some heated/dyed specimens are really beautiful, but so is an oil slick.:D There have been times when I was disappointed that a specimen was not natural, and I could not buy it. A good example is a red agate crystal I thought was really cool, but no point if it's essentially a fake. I also thought a rainbow silicate carborundum was amazing, and was bitterly disappointed to find out it was a man made compound.

As for the heated amethyst, many people who care about energies believe that a heated amethyst has nowhere close to the power of a natural citrine. The two don't look anything alike either, only a fool would be fooled.:smile: I am talking more about the citrine fairycrystal mentioned, not the possibly slight alteration Lynn describes with her amethyst. If it's still a nice purple than I'm sure it hasn't been messed with too much.

The whole point in crystal beauty I believe is that they are real works of art from mother nature. Anything else is just garbage in my opinion. It would sort of be like " look at this amazing fossil skull of this dinosaur, well actually it's not a dinosaur that actually existed, oh and it's actually made of plastic " I wonder how impressive your fossil collection would seem then :biggrin:

I prefer crystals/stones to be as natural as possible. In some cases cutting and polishing I find acceptable. Some stones actually benefit a great deal with a little polishing like tiger eye or labradorite. I don't buy anything that has been artificially heated, dyed, irradiated or lab made. Just out of principle, after all I would ruin my collection of natural specimens by contaminating them with such filth. If I have such strong feeling towards artificially made stones ( and I just collect for beauty ) I would assume people on this fourm that actually care about the crystal energies, should be even more against such practices. I would be surprised to find anyone here claiming they care about energy, actually entertaining the thought of getting such useless trinkets.

I am sorry if this offends anyone, as that is not the intention. This is simply how I view crystals. Sounds like Lynn has similar feelings.

Sapphirez 12-03-2019 12:51 AM

lol Crystal canuck that was really funny about the oil slick being beautiful. I'm torn because I feel like everything deserves to be loved and appreciated.. well you know what I mean, generally everything lol, especially from nature.. but yeah I don't get great feelings or thoughts about corrupted things. And I also have studied healing for a very long time, and what makes people unhealthy, and it seems clear that deviation and deprivation of nature is what causes disease and disorder, so the idea of a divine crystal being tampered with and even covered with synthetic toxic dyes is just painful lol..

Hmm what about peacock ore? That is made with a treatment right? because I have some and it is gorgeous of course.. but I think the goldish silverish version is pretty too though I don't own that. or there is this other crystal my brother got me that has a similar colore scheme, like a gunmetal gray with subtle peacock rainbow effect on it, forgot what it's called but that's not important to this post I guess. Anyways, I have to or want to love these anyways, even if they are adulterated. Another example is the aura quartzes and stuff, now I don't have any, and I don't exactly desire to own them, but I'd be thrilled to accept one if it was given to me cuz they do look incredible. and those are just treated with another natural substance like gold or another metal or mineral atop them right? I don't know I guess it's just better if man stops trying to mess with nature. We've already got plastic covering almost everything and yeah it can make some lovely looking objects.. funny it actually comes from oil for the mostpart.

Sorry for rambling on. I guess the main point is that nature creates the most stunning specimens all on its own. and I can understand that it's tempting to not use our manmade ability to further 'beautify' something, especially with heat treating stones because apparently that is far more common than we realize.. but the radiation that's manmade is far different than the radiation that comes from the Sun or the far infrared from tourmaline for example. a part of the crystal's soul and natural radiance becomes tampered with and covered up. but I gotta say I wouldn't go as far as Crystal canuck to call adulterated stones filth or useless trinkets..

One time I was doing this EFT healing technique while I was on a journey outside at night, and a lot of cool synchronicities happened, which one of them was me arriving at an outdoor area of flowers by a closed store, and I realized that just because these flowers were sprayed with poison by the stupid companies trying to sell them, it doesn't mean they are tainted or should be thrown away or anything.. just like people, which was my main concern cuz I was very preoccupied learning about human healing and illness then and got so mad when people hurt themselves by consuming or using toxic things.. Surely the shop purveyors didn't mean to kill their own product of flowers and plants by poisoning them.. they should want them to thrive and live long lives so they can sell them without having to discard or discount them.. and surely these poor flowers and plants did nothing wrong deserving to be treated with poisons (like those blue or green pellets and whatever toxic stuff they spray on them etc.) and even if they had done it to themselves like the mass of the misguided population, we still have to see them for their true selves and perfect part of nature and divinity at the core.. we can't just throw these things away even if they are poisoned and dying.. they still deserve love, and as much life as possible.. Anyways, there isn't much we can do about such things in one instant or on our own, I hope to help create a world where we move past such detrimental poisonous practices.. but for the timebeing, we still have to have compassion and love for the things that are here no matter what state they are in. So it's a conundrum for me lol I want to just reject crystals that have been contaminated, but it's not their fault, and I may never try to purposely acquire them or will give away ones that I already possess (they're stored away, I separated a lot of them already though) but I couldn't in good conscience despise or disown them as unworthy in essence, because at least to some degree they still are what they once were, and again it's not their fault..

Bubbles 12-03-2019 10:23 AM

I myself am a member of the Citrine Police patrol as well.

What do you thing about the fact that Judy Hall's Crystal Bible talks about Citrine and shows pictures of heated amethyst? Out of all the people, shouldn't she know better?

Crystal canuck 12-03-2019 03:21 PM

Good point Sgt. Bubbles ! She should know better. I know a lot of people love Judy, and I won't say anything bad about her, but just to throw it out there....

What makes her the final say in crystal energies ? Doesn't she just re-hash information that was readily available in other books and listings ? For example, she quotes amethyst as a healing stone and rose quartz as a love stone. We all know that and accept that, however the Chinese discovered those facts a couple thousand years before she was born. So basically she doesn't discover anything just write it down in one book from stuff she read elsewhere. Is it possible she just markets a bunch of info in a book for us to spend our $$$ on ? What makes her the crystal prophet ?

Hey Sapphirez ! I realize my words are a little strong, which is why I started with an apology, but don't you think all this imitations and fakes is kinda sad ? I mean, where does it end, is it fine to give diamond imitations for a wedding ring ? I mean, if it looks similar, no difference right ? Of course it is. For the record I agree with your whole post. Man made crystals can be quite beautiful, but I think it's cheating.

crystalqueen 12-03-2019 04:09 PM

Im curious what all of you think of aura quartz. I personally own two pieces, and both are clear quartz none of that dyed stuff. I love the angel aura tower I have, and I highly dislike dyed pieces so I think there must have been a reason I got it. I am exreemely picky when I buy crystals, and I rarely pick based on physical appearence.

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