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Lynn 07-10-2015 03:34 AM

Rules Copy and Paste - Commercial Links
Hello Members

We have been having a problem with “copy and paste” issues and we would like to take the time to remind you of the Spiritual Forums Rules. We too would like to address the rule on “Commercial Links” this to at times is an issue.

Copy-Paste: One or two lines at most of relevant text of material from other sites or sources and a link to the relevant text for further reading is allowed on the condition that the author is credited and the source linked is not a commercial site (promoting or selling goods or services). Quotes of religious texts such as the Bible or Quran must also be no more than one or two lines. Posts that quote or copy-paste more than one or two short lines of text will be removed or edited. Repeatedly breaching this rule will lead to warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

Commercial Links: These are currently not permitted at SF, however there are several grey areas such as links to forums with free ads, these are ok, and donation buttons are also ok. If you post a link for your forum please return the favour and post one for SF in return. If your forum/website or link sells anything including psychic readings and the like, please do not post it as it will be removed. Persistent posting of the same link will be treated as spamming, one warning will be sent and if it continues a suspension may be imposed.

If you have any questions please PM a member of SF Staff. Note that the copy write rules vary from country to country and it is too hard for us to police that. We get E Mail often asking to have links and other copied material removed, (even though it is freely available on the internet). At times legal actions are mentioned being taken if it is not removed that is the last thing we want SF to ever face.

SF Admin

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