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rajneshrai 05-11-2020 11:37 AM

Nature and Spirituality
How nature and Spirituality are interrelated?

ameliorate 05-11-2020 01:29 PM

As an example, I have only to sit in my peaceful, naturalistic garden to attain a blissful state - leaving my ego behind.

Not for nothing do people choose to holiday in scenic locations since such environments have the ability to destress us and gain a wider perspective, offering an opportunity for reflection and direction.

Of course druids and pagans revere nature so this is a direct spiritual link.

ocean breeze 05-11-2020 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by rajneshrai
How nature and Spirituality are interrelated?

Do you define them differently?

Nature is indifferent. From creation to destruction. From pleasant sunny days to harsh conditions. Not divided against itself.

Andy75 25-12-2020 05:29 PM

I believe that everything that lives, human, animal, plants, is animated by a certain consciousness, which is what creates life inside cells, animates organisms, and creates different forms of minds.
Spirituality is the extended group of practices that cultivate, improve and grow that consciousness, therefore spirituality brings to better living.
Meditation, physical disciplines, food, self-care, all in all that is spirituality.
Immerging in the nature, a person gets closer to the pure essence of spirituality. That's why when you walk alone, merging yourself with all your senses in the nature makes you feel better.
J. Narby suggests that cells (through the non-genetic DNA) of different living beings can exchange biophotons as mean of spiritual unconscious communication (becoming a teaching communication in case of non-ordinary state of consciousness).
I believe spiritual is much more "flesh" than what we believe and many survival practices are actually part of spirituality.

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