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makwaiskwew 22-11-2016 07:25 PM

stand with standing rock
mni wiconi

water is life

Lepus 24-11-2016 04:01 PM


Looks like the rights to preserve water for the Natives who are in reservation is not going to change the judge's ruling to build an oil pipeline that will inevitably contaminate the natural water. It's pretty sad to think water comes second to oil.

Blessed be,

Silver 24-11-2016 05:04 PM

Hey, thanks for bringing this very important issue to SF, makwaiskwew.

I've signed an on-line petition to help stop the pipeline. Now, have signed one to stop the militarized response to the protesters. I hope you all will sign it, too:


makwaiskwew 24-11-2016 05:22 PM

Thank you both...xx


People of Faith: Call to Standing Rock
From Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
19th Generation Keeper of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle

Pray with Us on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at Oceti Sakowin Camp
“The hearts of all people’s faiths must now unite in believing we can change the path we are now on. We, from heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the world to unite for our children’s future. Already we have witnessed many nations of life are now dying because of contamination: those that swim, those that crawl, those that fly, the plant nation, the four legged, and now the two legged.

We are asking the religious people to come and support our youth, to stand side by side with them, because they are standing in prayer. If you can find it in your heart, pray with them and stand beside them. The police department and national guard would listen to each and every one of you.

This is a very serious time we are in. I know in my heart there are millions of people that feel this is long overdue. It is time that all of us become leaders to help protect the sacred upon Mother Earth. She is the source of life and not a resource.

In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning.”


Native spirit 25-11-2016 08:22 PM

The Native people have suffered since generations gone by thrown of their lands put on reservations.the treaties signed meant nothing this has been going on for generations.
what man wants and cant have they take.and they kill to do it.standing rock is no different the oil companies want the oil line the Natives own the land so they take it they destroy sacred places being just one
burial grounds destroyed they will pollute the water it will happen then the police fire rubber bullets at protestors etc.they arrest innocent people yet they mean nothing to the police or government where are they what have they done nothing thats what.
mother earth will take so much then she reclaims what is hers this is not over yet


Makoiyi 25-11-2016 11:41 PM

Unfortunatly its far from over.

Idle no More

Shaunc 26-11-2016 01:09 AM

As an Australian I really have no dog in this fight but I would just like to say that it saddens me to know that a government of a supposedly civilized country would use their own military against their own people.
The defense forces are supposed to be there to defend the people whose tax is paying their wages not to be used aggressively against them. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
Good luck and best wishes to all concerned.

Aki 26-11-2016 04:12 AM

I read about this and I hurt.

I hear about this and I hurt.

I think about this and I hurt.

The pipeline was supposed to go past Bismark, but the city's population decided it was too risky to their own water supply.

Yes, it follows a natural gas pipeline, but natural gas doesn't contaminate the only water supply of a people if the line ruptures.

Sure, the land they're bulldozing is "private property", but it was never supposed to be. Ignoring the whole "It was all theirs to begin with", those specific lands were supposed to be annexed by the reservation to the tribes because of their spiritual value, and were never handed over.

They're blocking roads, and bridges, but it's the only way they can get the media to pay attention.

Everything about this makes me so angry, and puts me in so much pain, and makes me wish I could go join everyone. I would risk broken bones and amputation, I would risk the hypothermia and frostbite, I would risk pepper spray and nerve gas, I would risk incarceration and death.

I would fight until I get pulled down by men in armor.

I only wish I could.

Native spirit 26-11-2016 09:09 PM

This is far from over the world is hearing about it USA is supposed to be the land of dreams it is far from it if you are Native.


Shaunc 30-11-2016 05:50 AM

Just checking in to you guys know that I'm thinking of you. It may not be in the U.S. media but you are international news and definitely in the Australian media.
A photograph was published that is being tipped to win a pulitzer prize. It's called barbarians at the gate. It shows a native American man on horseback facing U.S. military/police hardware. If I wasn't so technologically retarded I'd put a copy of the photo on here for everyone to see.
Good luck and best wishes.

Lepus 30-11-2016 05:53 PM


I'll just leave this here: Route 55: Indian Curse Road

In March of 1983, the Department Of Transportation started construction on a field just off Route 47 in Deptford, between Mantua and Franklin Township, to build a new 7.2 mile stretch of Route 55. Two months later mysterious deaths began to befall the workers involved with the project.

This will be no different from Standing Rock.

Blessed be,

Shaunc 05-12-2016 06:55 AM

The media in Australia is reporting a win for the protesters at standing rock. After dinner I'll go out the back, look at the chooks and vegetables for a while and smoke a pipe in celebration for the protestors.
As a bloke that plays the dogs and the ponies I know only too well that a win is hard to come by and you take 'em any way you can.
Good one fellas.

Native spirit 06-12-2016 09:23 PM

Its a win for now but this is far from over


Makoiyi 07-12-2016 06:52 PM

Agreed Native Spirit, like many I know this is far from the end. I'm waiting to see what is going to be the next move.

Shaunc 07-12-2016 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by Makoiyi
Agreed Native Spirit, like many I know this is far from the end. I'm waiting to see what is going to be the next move.

You know what they say.
It's all ok in the end, so if it's not ok it's not the end.
Good luck fellas.

SerpentSun 08-12-2016 01:09 PM

Oh I don't even have words for how scared and angry I am....

I live part-time in southern Illinois, where the pipeline is apparently supposed to end. I'm not too sure because the US government/media is censoring coverage of the whole situation. I don't even know when the protests began. Only twice has the local news mentioned anything, and both boadcasts (on supposedly more eco-friendly left-wing networks) were critical of the protesters. The people of southern Illinois are just happy that the pipeline will bring more money to the area!

I can't help but feel that the protests are pointless. In America, they always have been. "Progress" always prevails in the end. All "civilized" governments respond to protesters with violence, because the issues at hand often concern the very definition of "civilized". "Civilization" runs on petroleum. Environmentalists are thus "uncivilized".

The authorities will never listen to us, because we threaten the very structure of their existence. That's why I can't go up north and make a stand; since middle school, I've already been under suspicion after sabotaging human threats to the ecosystem. I'd just be carted off to jail like so many other innocent civilians. Or worse yet, be burnt to death when the military firebombs the protesters. And any promises the US government makes always turn out to be lies.

The only way to fix this mess is a global reset....

Native spirit 08-12-2016 08:32 PM

The point of the protest was to protect the water from being polluted and by going through sacred lands. both of these have been disregarded by the oil companies and by the law in the states.they have turned on the people whos lands they are going through.the Native peoples lands once again the treaties are a throw away commodity by these people,


SerpentSun 09-12-2016 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Native spirit
The point of the protest was to protect the water from being polluted and by going through sacred lands. both of these have been disregarded by the oil companies and by the law in the states.they have turned on the people whos lands they are going through.the Native peoples lands once again the treaties are a throw away commodity by these people,


But they've never NOT turned against the people and the land. Just like always, the modern Western monster machine devours everything in it's path. I sure hope the protests make a difference, because this modern day and age feels like a nightmare to me, but I just doubt the US government will ever respect the natives. At least not without lying and pretending.

Native spirit 09-12-2016 08:15 PM

All the treaties signed meant nothing the Native people are still being treated with disrespect as they have done for generations,yet they are the true caretakers of mother earth,
nothing changes all promises broken .


SerpentSun 09-12-2016 08:52 PM

Of course the treaties meant nothing, the paper they were written on was made from native trees cut down and killed on native land. Everything is always a scam. And just in my short lifetime, I've seen so much destruction and decadence as the gears of the Digital Revolution keep spinning faster and faster. It's like all the scary sci-fi stories from the 50s are coming true.

How many Natives are left in America?

Really! 09-12-2016 09:20 PM

QUOTE=Lepus] It's pretty sad to think water comes second to oil.
Blessed be,

Everything will become 2nd to money w/our new administration coming in. Trump could overturn the decision w/the help of congress. Its heartbreaking & disturbing, mostably during this holiday season when everyone should be looking forward to celebrating the birth of Christ w/love & family. Instead too many like myself are anxious & worried. I feel as if I've lost my country in so many ways ...

Pray for Trump to respect our natives in finding an acceptable alternative to Standing Rock ...

"We shall overcome" ... by Martin Luther King, Jr
Blessings to all ...

makwaiskwew 10-12-2016 04:27 PM

Standing Rock Prayer of Gratitude Dec. 10 at 10 AM world wide

you tube

Lepus 10-12-2016 06:08 PM


I heard Trump is on board with the Dakota pipeline - even made investments. We'll see if he holds back after his inauguration.

Blessed be,

Shaunc 10-12-2016 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by Lepus

I heard Trump is on board with the Dakota pipeline - even made investments. We'll see if he holds back after his inauguration.

Blessed be,

Australian media is reporting that he got rid of his interest in the pipeline. Believing what is in the media is not a particularly smart thing to do admittedly.

Native spirit 11-12-2016 12:15 AM

Yes it is said he sold his part in the pipe line but i wouldnt trust that man as far as i could throw him he is devious.


Tobi 11-12-2016 11:25 PM

I have heard that rubber bullets and water cannons were used by "authorities" against the peaceful protesters. Many horses were injured also. It is an evil money-grabbing corporate system which does those things to innocent people trying to save their land because they love and respect it, and to children and horses.
We should all be ready to take a stand against oppression.

Native spirit 12-12-2016 07:39 PM

What you say is true they have used rubber bulletts the Natives were on their horses they stood in front of them.and their dogs were going for them as well as the children.
they need to be hung strung and quatered for what they have done.


DreamyMaryAlice 13-12-2016 05:47 AM

This is why I been mostly in Facebook, Standing Rock Water Protectors wanted people to show whats going on there, and share their posts, live videos, because the media won't even show anything about what's going on there, I also have alot of photos too, but it's photos of them being attacked by the military police from different states, snipers, they almost blew one girl's arm off, and shot one girl in the eye, don't think she will see in it anymore, alot of guy's got shot in the head, needed lots of stitches, plus they used water cannons on them, and it was already freezing cold weather, after all of this, the police lied saying they never did anything to the water protectors, I was up late at night, watching all of their live videos, I wish the DAPL would get shut down soon, since they can't get the last permit to dig under neath the river, but they still there digging, so they going against the law

Shaunc 13-12-2016 06:16 AM

We seem to be getting better media coverage in Australia than you are in the United States.
There was a very good photograph taken called "Barbarians at the gate " it's being tipped by some to win a pulitzer prize.

Native spirit 13-12-2016 08:16 PM

The natives yet again are being potrayed as the ones telling lies etc look at the police they are all corrupt.when it first started the police tazered an elder and caused him to have a heartattack,all he was doing was praying


makwaiskwew 17-12-2016 06:55 PM

Thanks and blessings all.
We are all Standing Rock where ever we reside, And it is in unity that we will defeat this black snake. I am so grateful for the wisdom keepers and the faith keepers. I am so grateful for the many clergy members that have repudiated the doctrine of discovery. I am so grateful for the veterans who stood for the people. And last but not least I am grateful for you who share the word to the world and understand that we are water protectors and land defenders.

Thank you from my heart.


Aquamarine 31-01-2017 03:14 AM

I've been slow on hearing the news that trump turned everything around and is trying to quickly move all the plans that were stopped, back into action. I feel ill hearing this. Evil, is what it is, truly. Something to guard all of our hearts and souls against this penetrating into any of ours and treat it for what it is. To get rid of it and rise up to a greater tomorrow, in the brilliance of light, power and strength.

Mni Wiconi

SerpentSun 08-03-2017 01:19 AM

I heard that the protesters' camp has been cleared, but also there were threats to destroy the pipeline....What's going on up there? Even though this is in my own country, the lack of media coverage makes me feel like I'm too short to look over a wall....

Native spirit 10-03-2017 09:24 PM

The lack of media coverage is deliberate done by those in charge they don't want the world to really know what is going on there

Aki 11-03-2017 02:02 AM

The camp is torn down, the protesters have been scattered (and those that would not leave were arrested), and the pipeline should be through the area already. The work order was cleared, and expedited.

Lepus 21-03-2017 03:09 PM


Company: Dakota Access Pipeline on Track, Despite 'Threats'

The company building the Dakota Access pipeline says the project remains on track to start moving oil this week despite recent "coordinated physical attacks" along the line.
Blessed be,

linnie 09-07-2017 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by Native spirit
The lack of media coverage is deliberate done by those in charge they don't want the world to really know what is going on there

We had media coverage over here in Australia, but initially that was only through online protest type outlets, as we'd just survived our own local blockade with indigenous and non-indigenous people vs a mining company.

Insatiable mining companies... :icon_frown:

I teetered from hope to despair watching how the Standing Rock Sioux were treated ... inhumane... abusive... appalling...


All I can do is pray (in my own way) that the Standing Rock People find their way back to a safe and healthy home.

H:O:R:A:C:E 09-07-2017 04:12 PM


Nowayout 17-07-2017 12:05 AM

Money is temporary.

The earth... well she has a spirit?

This is not going to go unnoticed.

Our little blue planet so far from the sun... turns, indifferent or not.

People... as plastic fills the oceans, and so much more, we need to know who is in control.

SpectateSwamp 23-08-2017 04:01 PM

Sacred is sacred and must be protected
We have been doing a poor job up to now.
Time for a change.
Good going protesters

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