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Jillity 03-08-2018 04:42 AM

Thank you for an interesting post. I have often wondered if the afterlife depends on your belief in this life. When my mother in law passed I felt her presence very strongly around me all the time. I could hear her voice and she was telling me off for taking some clothes out of the cupboard and putting them in a bag.
'What are you doing? Those are my clothes.' She was very insistent and quite angry as if she didn't realised she had passed. Then a few days after her passing I dozed off on the sofa. When I woke I felt her presence very strongly. Her perfume wafted right over me and then she was gone.
My mother in law was a Roman Catholic. Later her priest told me that Roman Catholics believe the soul stays here for a few days before leaving this earth and going to heaven.
Sadly my husband has just passed and I can't feel his presence at all. It's nothing like when his mother died. There's complete silence, nothing at all. He had no real belief in the afterlife although he quite often saw spirits. That frightened him a bit sometimes as it went against his beliefs. I have no idea where he's gone and it worries me greatly. I can't think that there's no afterlife for those who don't believe in it.

Native spirit 03-08-2018 09:35 AM

Your husband has passed into the spirit world where if he needs it he will receive Healing.many people have a shock when they pass especially if they had no belief in spirit.to find themselves in the world they thought did not exsist.
a few people in commas are in the in between lives they are not here they cant communicate for various reasons.and yet they haven't passed either. this does not happen to everyone but it does happen.


Jillity 03-08-2018 10:12 AM

I think there was a part of him that was on the verge of belief although he wouldn't admit it. I hope he's receiving healing and will come to accept that there's an afterlife.

linen53 03-08-2018 05:08 PM

I'm sure Native Spirit is right. Prayers do help them transition.

XploreR 03-09-2018 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by Esconced
The In-between lives are the areas to which our souls migrate once our physical bodies can no longer successfully house our spiritual bodies. I'm trying to find out more about these dimensions from online sources (not ready to buy a bunch of books that may not really describe these in-between places), can anyone here add insight through NDE's or soul regression experiences? Or maybe recommend videos or books with first hand accounts to the in-between?

The two best book I've found on this topic are both written by Dr. Michael Newton. The first is called, "Journey of Souls." The second is called, "Destiny of Souls." Both are excellent, an can often be found in good libraries. I hope this helps.

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