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Lordso4 16-09-2021 09:03 PM

Distant Healing for root chakra
Hi blessed souls,

My name is Darshan Barot. I have recently been given opportunity to seek my spiritual family that I did not know existed. I have started my spiritual journey as a source to heal my body. It has been over 12 years but I did not reach the potential I was seeking. I recently discovered that over the years my life journey has put me through lot of ups and down. Not seeing the potential harm on my spiritual side I kept going and finally reached a point where my health was at its worst. Finally I figured out that I did not heal my soul and kept pushing on medicines that were not helping me recover.

To restart my spiritual journey I request a kind soul to heal my root chakra that has gone through major imbalance. God bless all of you. :hug2:

I am currently living in Warsaw, Poland.

Best regards

Darshan barot

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