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thespiritual1 03-09-2021 12:59 PM

What to do with chakra?
I want to try working on chakra. I am actually a little afraid of doing this because many years ago I carelessly tried to open my crown chakra and ended up with a headache. Now the headache has subsided to a great extent, but it still appears sometimes, making it difficult to study and puts me in a dull mood. Moreover, I often get constipation. I have read that working on chakras can heal the body, so I want to try it. I hope it can heal my two main problems, first constipation and second slight headache.
What should i do with a chakra. Do i just feel it? or do I have to move the energy in certain way? There is also something about balancing chakras. What is that? How do you balance chakras? What do we try to achieve by perceiving the chakras? A simple

Busby 04-09-2021 02:39 PM

I never get constipated - I put this down to keeping to a balanced diet.
When I get a headache I go for a walk. Works wonders.

Akira 04-09-2021 05:43 PM

When I work with clients to help them heal chakra energies - we go into many different facets before just working on an area - like say the Crown..

For example if you're not balanced in other areas and you work on the Crown solely, this can cause dizziness, headaches etc due to the imbalance.

It is better to start from a level of understanding first... Such as which areas need work ... I use channelling ability, healing and other modalities to ascertain what a person needs before working solely on the energy centre.

If you want more advice let me know ... :)

thespiritual1 05-09-2021 07:47 AM

Today, I have identified my problem more clearly. When I woke up, I was feeling perfectly fine, There was no headache, or energy in my head, but after a few minutes I noticed my breath. Then i felt a little uneasy and noticed that when i pay attention to my breath, energy begins to accumulate in my head causing headache. So this is my problem.
I came up with various solutions to this problem:
First, not pay attention to breath, but this is a bit difficult because breath is always there and when i first experimented on meditation I paid a lot of attention to my breath.
Second, i breathe from my stomach instead of nose. I mean my focus is on stomach instead of nose. I read that breathing with the belly is more natural.
Third, attach positive ideas to my breath, like i breath healthy, my breath brings me health, happiness, peace.
Fourth, I can relax my mind. I know how to relax my body and mind. Although this does not solve the problem completely, it is quite helpful.

What other solution is there? Reminder that my headache is caused when my attention goes towards my breath. There could be a different reason for my headache but this is what i observed.
Please suggest me valid solutions.

Eelco 07-09-2021 01:11 AM

When you pay attention to your breathing. What exactly do you do?
Many people will create tension around their eyes when they focus on anything. I guess because they created a link between the word focus and their eyes. So if that's the case see if you can relax the area around the eyes a little.

I found it helpful when working with the breath to see where in the body I tense up, where I relax etc. try and ease the tension a bit, but mainly focus on where the breath moves freely. where it's nice, comforting, filling, and easy. Then try to expand and spread that sense of ease and comfort as far and wide through the body as you can muster.

The painful and tense spots will be there for another time to deal with.
Maybe try breathing through the soles of your feet?

In the past, I have consciously closed and shut my chakra and pictured another kind of energy system. Which was helpful in maintaining some balance when my chakra work got out of whack.

What to do with chakra? Anything you want really. What do they mean to you, why would you want to open them. what do you think happens?
In my opinion, chakra are ideas that can be utilized, pictured, and used to gain certain effects. The same benefits for lack of a better word can be gained by many means. Just because the chakra system(s) have ingrained the spiritual world deeply the last few years is because they can be useful as a frame of reference. Not necessarily because everything written about them is true.

Useful certainly. necessary nope. They signify/symbolize a center between the spiritual/mind and the corporeal/matter. Throughout different cultures, many such symbols have been used as focal points.

thespiritual1 07-09-2021 05:48 AM

Thanks Elco.
I understand that i should work on breath instead of chakra.
I noticed that i dont let my breath move freely. I always interfere in it. How can i let my breath move freely? I know the simplest way would be to sit still, relax and just let it move freely, but are there other methods to stop interfering with breath and simply be aware of it? I find it is not easy to not interfere in breathing and yet be aware of it, because as soon as i become aware of it, i have the tendency to interfere in it. I blame it on the monkey mind. Anyway, please tell me more about breath work.

Eelco 07-09-2021 06:06 AM

Well, experiment. Breathing is something you do all day without interfering.
So interfere. Try shallow breathing, deep breathing and everything in between.and notice what feels good this moment stick with that for now. If it becomes forced allow yourself to change to something that feels better. Short in, long out. Long in and short out. Again what feels good right now. If it no longer feels good try changing.
There's no rules about breathing a certain way. What you want is a sense of ease. And that differs in different circumstances. Where does this kind of breathing increase a sense of wellbeing. And if it feels good in the belly and not in the chest, what kind of breathing feels good in your chest. How does the belly feel when you do that. Just get to know your breath. And go with what feels bets in that moment. Just notice what happens to your breath when it becomes uncomfortable. Investigate a little, then try to find a sense of breathing with ease somewhere in your body and rest there for a while. It takes time and practice. But it's nothing magical. You are allowed to beathe anyway you like. And then magic can start to happen.:hug2:

Eelco 07-09-2021 06:15 AM

Also you probably have an idea about how breathing works. Most people picture some kind of bellows. That sucs in air and blows it out. Experiment with those ideas as well. What if you picture the breath coming in at the feet and out the head. Or every pore just allowing to move breath through the skin and between the cells. What if every cell fils up with energy. What if every inbreath adds breath, but every outbreath just moves it around. Can you ever have enough breath that way? What if nothing comes in but every outbreath more and more leaves can you have too little?

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