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FallingLeaves 25-07-2019 02:50 AM

Hi Sweetie!
I guess we can't talk
any more
that our site
has burned to the ground

too bad...

well now
I dream about 'her'

she's halfway believable
unlike you ever were

well I would take you up
on your olive branch
if it hadn't turned into
a carrot and stick
last time I tried

it hurt
really really badly
to be so out on a limb
only to be rejected
and I don't really
trust you
after that
everything else

sad to say

but speaking of 'her'
another halfway believable thing
they told me
is that at a certain age
we would meet again

and we are coming close to that
so I guess we will see

But I don't know
if she is any more
than you ever were

although I suppose
it worked
in other times and places

anyway I do know
I'm going to her town
for a second time
this fall

despite the fact that traveling
is such a chore

last time I really liked it though
I hope the charm hasn't worn off...

FallingLeaves 27-07-2019 02:37 AM

more ganging up
on a me

another 'intervention'

why are people so unkind?

this is never going to end
you asked for help
but i can't
or maybe I won't.
another name given
oh so obliquely
really had to work for it...
probably shouldn't have cared...

But I'm so tired of oblique
why can't anyone
ever just say what they mean?

but I suppose I don't either
been beat up too many times
just for being honest
and now I'm gunshy too.

which is why
I just shut up
and won't share
any time
people are ganging up on me.

I'm back where I started
people (you girls)
are just too mean
and nothing can ever work out
in a life like this.

I barely feel able
to continue.


Unseeking Seeker 27-07-2019 04:20 AM


As the shining radiance
In carefree dalliance
We neither seek response
Nor are affected by looks askance
We just impulsively share
With one & all who choose to pair
In an outpouring loving


JustBe 27-07-2019 09:12 AM

Receiving in so many ways
The meeting coming round
To meet yourself in those her’s
While you cry and frown
You receive in time you’ll see
But first it’s all about ‘me’
A lesson in receiving given
So you learn to always be
Aware your more than you see

boshy b. good 27-07-2019 02:38 PM

let us get loud on Hi Sweetie!
and see where that leads us.

does not mean being or doing
anything, could mean something

FallingLeaves 28-07-2019 01:10 AM

hi guys!

(shyly) thank you for posting!

FallingLeaves 12-08-2019 01:11 AM

hi sweetie!

not much
to say

not coming?

for a while now.

I just wanted to say


Unseeking Seeker 12-08-2019 04:56 AM


The rhythmic breath
if observed
becomes erratic
being self conscious

Pure love outpouring
unthinking & non calculating
it’s childlike embrace
is spontaneous


Ziusudra 12-08-2019 09:53 PM

Holds so many meanings
Comes with so many unspoken expectations
Starts so many possibilities
Launches so many interchanges
Begins every relationship
Ends with all when unreciprocated

Hi Falling! :hug3:

FallingLeaves 08-10-2019 12:56 AM

there is a song
'what about us'

wherein a bunch of people
basically complain
about someone
who was only trying to help

because they felt hurt

I always find such things ironic
the people
making these kinds of complaints
will never look at themselves
and see just exactly
what kind of pain
they have caused
to others
who often have no voice

and who have to just sit there
taking whatever untold meanness
mean minds can create
while dieing inside
little by little
day by day.

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