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LibbyScorp 05-05-2020 04:22 AM

Quarantine workouts
Haven't worked out in a while and went a bit mad during the first part of this lock down with the unhealthy decisions lol.

-stairs instead of elevator (still working)
-walking, jump roping 3 minutes
-Started 30 minute hip hop tabata videos
-General toning with planks and 5lb weights

Looking to improve dancing and get back into rigorous yoga training like last year.

Go ahead. Inspire me.

inavalan 05-05-2020 05:01 AM


LibbyScorp 05-05-2020 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by inavalan

This is perfect for every break at work. Thanks!! How long have you been doing this and what are the results like?

inavalan 05-05-2020 06:28 AM

A couple of years. I use it as part of my warm-ups, and when I don't do aerobic.

ocean breeze 05-05-2020 06:40 AM

There was a thread on another forum called workout challenge in which i gave what i felt was a moderate workout but people said it was tough. I'll copy and paste it here. Not just for you but others who may find it useful. Keep in mind I've spent years training martial arts so my training is always geared around that. I don't know what type of training others are use to. But i'll give what i feel anyone can do.

Here's a moderate challenge: 30 minutes of shadowboxing (pretend you're fighting or boxing someone in front of you for 30 min.) followed by 30 minutes of running. Then cool down with 100 squats, 100 push-ups, and 100 sit-ups. Feel free to break them down into 5 sets of 20. The challenge is to do them all together with no more than a 10 minute rest between each exercise. Of course you can work your way up to it. None of this requires gym membership or expensive equipment. Just more than an hour of free time.

You can also add a new exercise and try at least 10 minutes of jump rope. Jump ropes are inexpensive and adds to a good cardio workout. Try 10 minutes then work your way up to more at a faster pace.

How to shadowbox:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEqIGeXZN_M

WildHairedWoman 09-05-2020 04:48 PM

My workout routine is going to Home Depot at 6 AM every Saturday and buying as much mulch and garden soil as I can fit in my XTerra, then loading it, unloading it at home, hauling it to the back. Then getting the shovel and digging holes, building a garden box with all the bricks I have around (hauling all of those first to one pile), etc. I also have a large house with brick, concrete and ceramic tile floors so when I need to work out (really, when the floors need cleaning) I sweep, and mop. 2800 square feet of house , but I don't get every room every week.

Before, I never joined a gym, I just went to Costco, loaded 3 50 pound bags of birdseed in my cart, pushed it around as I got the other stuff I needed, then hauled it all to the car, unloaded, etc. I guess if you live in an apartment it would be easier to go to a gym. Every day should have some normal routine exercise. Walking the dog or just walking 3 miles or what ever you can do.

Rah nam 10-05-2020 01:16 AM

I go for my 10-13 Km walk today and otherwise I use my inverter table.
There is a lot of work to be done in my garden. Winter is coming and the veggies have to go in.

Lucky 1 14-05-2020 02:45 PM

I'm a weightlifter and my favorite gym has been closed for the duration!

We're mostly stuck at home and I'm the sort who pretty much goes crazy without regular...usually daily exercise of some kind.

so here's what I've been doing......

Every morning my wife and I go for a brisk 45 minute walk which is quite pleasant to do right now with the gorgeous weather!

I have limited weights at home...mostly a few dumbbells to about 55 pounds so I'm improvising.

With the dumbbells I can do high rep dumbbell press's for chest and shoulders....about 4 sets each to failure....

Back.....one arm dumbbell rows to failure...also pretty high reps due to the lack of weight....I have also been throwing a rope over a tree limb in the backyard and chinning from it.

Legs are a problem....due to a lack of equipment so my work-a-round has been to do 5 sets of squats to failure with my oldest grandson riding piggyback sitting on my hips....Nick weighs about 145 Lbs now so to keep the intensity up I'm doing sets just 30 seconds apart.

!st set....about 35 to 40 reps (wait 30 seconds) 2nd set....about 25 to 30 reps....another 30 second pause....3rd set, 15 to 20 reps.....pause....4th set, 9 to 15 ...pause.....5th set 7 to 10....

I gotta say I get one crazy pump in my thighs from this routine!

Is this perfect??? No...but it is maintaining my muscle mass nicely and I feel like my fitness level has not fallen off at all during shut in periods!

LibbyScorp 01-06-2020 06:57 AM

You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing your workouts!

Welp, I did a thing. I got a rowing machine for my bedroom haha. Quarantine stress purchase. We won't be coming out of phase 1 for a while where I'm at. Now with all these riots, I'm definitely not going out as much. Was starting to emerge from my cave for more walks (masked) but nah, I'm good. Plus with my job, I'm always at higher risk than most.

I've been fatigued mentally, spiritually physically. Often come home from work feeling like running and screaming. Random anxiety. Was going to buy an elliptical (knee issues) but decided to go for a more full body cardio workout.

Pretty excited to blow off some steam!!!!! Let's hope I don't ruin it during set up by myself or row tf out of it too soon.... haha

Sadi47 15-06-2020 02:10 PM

During quarantine or lockdown situations we should take exercise daily to improve the power and immunity and especially do the exercise for lungs lke yoga.

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