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Unseeking Seeker 19-06-2021 12:54 PM

Christ consciousness

Jesus, the son of God and Christ His heart
Christ consciousness within man yet dormant
Awakens; when all souls one, none apart

He taught - love is our native element
Underlying truth, Perichoresis
God unity, when we be cognisant

His descent into matter, kenosis
Sacrificing his own life, that we may live
Teaching, metanoia in stillness

Shifting to a perception expansive
Joy in heart, hope in mind, each act holy
Purity of being, with no motive

Thought of separation, is mans folly
Steely resolve and faith, imbibes Gods grace
Non-dual awareness, path heavenly

He walked with us, teaching face to face
Seeing with eye of heart, the shift needed
Magnetism real, no puzzles to lace

Oh hermit! Once lower thoughts are weeded
Christ in us awakes, throb of bliss heeded

Terza Rima

AshaKantaSharma 20-06-2021 03:48 AM

“No, a true seeker, one who truly wished to find, could accept no doctrine. But the man who has found what he sought, such a man could approve of every doctrine, each and every one, every path, every goal; nothing separated him any longer from all those thousands of others who lived in the eternal, who breathed the Divine.”
― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

“i was lieing to myself when I thought I was lost, I have never been lost - I just wasn't ready to be found.”
― Nikki Rowe

“We awaken by asking the right questions. We awaken when we see knowledge being spread that goes against our own personal experiences. We awaken when we see popular opinion being wrong but accepted as being right, and what is right being pushed as being wrong. We awaken by seeking answers in corners that are not popular. And we awaken by turning on the light inside when everything outside feels dark.”
― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

“We are, finally, all wanderers in search of knowledge. Most of us hold the dream of becoming something better than we are, something larger, richer, in some way more important to the world and ourselves. Too often, the way taken is the wrong way, with too much emphasis on what we want to have, rather than what we wish to become.”
― Louis L'Amour, Education of a Wandering Man

“We must primarily become seekers of God instead of founders of works, for work will not sustain us through the traumas of incarnation.”
― Viv Grigg

Unseeking Seeker 20-06-2021 06:27 AM

Infusing illumined intent

Our differentiated perception,
arising from stuporous awareness;
unsteady stance, cause of agitation,
oscillating between light and darkness,
self-blocks our innate state of blissfulness.
Flicker-free flame, pure heart, devoid of stain,
renews attention again and again,
melding thus with the flow, in stillness slow,
erst ego fears and desires, to rest lain,
revealing soul luminous, heart aglow.

Unseeking Seeker 21-06-2021 01:48 PM

What is real

out of the frying pan, we plunge into the fire
succumbing thus to ego spawned desire
ephemeral objects, our ego aspires

where are we headed, oh hermit
our deluded cravings have no merit
fallen from grace, head and heart split

bewildered we are, amidst myriad external illusions
blown away like a leaf, is our fickle attention
clear light dawning in void of cessation

that that comes and goes unreal
save throb of bliss nothing has appeal
fire of bliss in our heart, purges and heals

nonchalant soul presence, pure and unstained
vaporising lower mind, divine joy ingrains
unaffected by worldly loss or gain

deluded ego in separateness
slowly cognises interconnectedness
transcending finally to absolute oneness

earth life then thus a journey without movement
discontentment transmuting to contentment
culminating in blissful love enablement

Unseeking Seeker 24-06-2021 02:10 PM

Twice born

Each moment reborn, ego shorn
Ecstasy renewing deep within
Day and night, even as we yawn
Fine bliss tooth comb grazes our skin

Joyous dance, in divine parlance
Each moment reborn, ego shorn
Head in heart melding, our penance
Living light aura we adorn

Our heart warm, uncaring of scorn
To love magnetism sentient
Each moment reborn, ego shorn
Vaporising in the current

Remaining here and now present
Imbibe each breath, as a new dawn
Reclaiming self luminescent
Each moment reborn, ego shorn

Unseeking Seeker 26-06-2021 03:32 AM

Giving Godly Grace

God but a word, unless felt in our heart
Ingrained prejudice, makes us feel apart
Verily, through surrender, our prayers start
Inviting Gods grace, to fill us within
Night and day, He cleanses feral toxins
Guiding us, we feel His touch on our skin

Grace in-pours; there is no separation
One with oneness, each breath meditation
Dwelling in heart, vibrant is our silence
Living thus in divine entwined parlance
Yielding to love; life a celebration

Grace us with your embrace: our entreaty
Remove dark voids and our impurity
Acts, words and thoughts, let each with love align
Clear light of truth, please to our mind assign
Ensconced in Your arms for eternity

Syllabic rhyming Acrostic

Unseeking Seeker 04-07-2021 05:24 PM

Dark night of the soul

Plateau after the peak
No time for quiet consolidation
Restless heart higher heights seeks

We speak of surrendered orientation
Yet the truth is quite different
Soul seeks progression

Cause of discontentment
Owing to separation from source
We see not our being self-luminescent

Recognising that it is delusional to use force
We go deep into our heart, Gods abode
Save love there being no recourse

Oscillations slow down as we jettison ego load
Rapture ignition renews within and bliss explodes

Terza Rima

Unseeking Seeker 08-07-2021 11:27 AM

Vaporised self

before intent becomes action
void of pregnant pause manifests
wherein we find liberation
simply choosing therein to rest

once we get on mind a handle
before intent becomes action
disallow ego to meddle
presence poised in animation

pristine awareness gains traction
having surrendered all doing
before intent becomes action
devoid of resistance flowing

ridiculous ease of this path
celebration in cessation
each moment a holy sabbath
before intent becomes action


Unseeking Seeker 11-07-2021 04:36 PM

Laugh or cry - our choice

Nimble desires inimical
Conscience sounds a warning alarm
Free will adroitly pulse disarms
Nestled in bliss ineffable

Discord within and all around
Soul presence within body sighs
Our heart sinks, fallen from erst highs
Fierce winds abound, wherein soul bound

Wherefrom springs feral thoughts shoddy
Causation of hearts contraction
Clear light dawns in meditation
Knowing we are not mind-body

Delusion blocks spherical sight
Thus we indulge in narrowness
Failing to recognise oneness
This bondage is cause of our plight

Judgmental eye labels others
Respecting not each soul journey
Making merry, cease to worry
Embracing each, as our brother

Fleeting joy and pain will not last
Nurture tenderly, loving soul
Renounce wearisome ego goals
Ascension assured; die is cast

In, not within, life in motion
Ceasing to size, we vaporise
Pure heart, receptive to surprise
Each life breath, a celebration

Oh hermit, we are in a dream
Be still, in quiet surrender
Behold Gods delightful wonders
Enjoy the movie, as it streams

Enclosed Rhyme

Unseeking Seeker 16-07-2021 11:23 AM

Go in within
what we search in the wilderness
discovered within, in stillness
eternal bubbling joy vibrant
ineffable bliss throb current
melding all layers of consciousness


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