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Nowayout 17-09-2022 04:36 AM

Bliss Is Endless
I was dancing within my heart
Bliss was my partner
And we moved as one...

Never getting tired of the dance
I took her hand
And we moved as one...

I pondered into my mind's eye
Could bliss become old
And there I was shown

Bliss Is Endless...

Nowayout 17-09-2022 05:07 AM

Moving away from Bliss
Bliss intensified...
The motion was

Wagner 17-09-2022 10:17 PM

Bliss is endless insofar as it is endless. But where it isn't, therefore, it isn't.

Cool poem, poet. :smile:

Nowayout 20-09-2022 03:08 AM

Bliss is the way
The world smiles
And gives way....

To bliss.


Nowayout 23-09-2022 03:05 AM

In the stillness
In the quiet
In this moment


In the storm
In the rain
In the pain

I cry..

Bliss, where are you?

And she comes to me
Look I am here

Hidden in your pain

Now regain bliss

And then you will grow..

In bliss
And a deeper letting go...

You are on the road
To nowhere...

Nowhere is where bliss goes

Look, you are free
To see Blissfully.

Nowayout 27-09-2022 03:00 AM

Entering into nirvana

Nothing was there
Nothing moved me
Nothing held me


I am free..
Of nothing

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