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lostsoul13 05-05-2022 05:37 PM

Marital arts
I resentful started karate and jiu jujitsu Iím taking one class each each week in three months or so Iíll be looking to take two classes each?

I know with extra training you can get your black belt within five years? [so Google states]

Iím benefiting from it and I do ti chi in my spare time also: itís a confidence boost and really learning self defence and discipline is something thatís echoed out throughout my relationships with the self[learning to love my self; what better to equip me with such said skills] and my relationships with reincarnation [to learn martial arts to defend my self and hopefully prolong my life]

With yoga twice a week and mindful waking standing meditation and some meditation before sleepó-

Iím hoping to achieve inner balance and strength..

Iím quite a lazy person and things get attracted to me easy: twin flame, children, intent and purpose family-

Money and good fortune where I live..

I really want to put the effort in and see weight decrease and less lazy more disciplineÖ

I swim every two weeks, go for daily walks, rollerblading and biking..

With arts and crafts recreationallyÖ Iím current upholstering a chair from scratch just a frame of a chair? No base- so have to find things to upholster correctly..

I can take it with me when I move and I enjoy the down time.. little project to form disciplineÖ

Discipline is a grey area for me because usually I let my self eat what I want I love veg to getting a healthy diet isnít a problem : but I enjoy sleeping so much getting my 12 hours is important and can see me sleeping in till 2 in the afternoon: after meditation at night it takes me three hours to wind down [after dead leg syndrome] I enjoy being cool.. but bones need a lot of heat which can be quite contradictoryÖ and a hassle..

For one of class I have to travel into town and the other is at my local community centre (which is great, the jiu jujitsu only does kid classes there)

I can find Iím lacking the motivation- I still slug it finding when I get to class refreshed and ambient..

Itís been a real test of discipline and Iím more likely to allow me to shop and spend money so an incentive for the end of the month..

I want to say having to learn great skills to defend and strike with are really important in my life plan.. itís like other alternate selfs are more skilled in that department and it comes easy to them where my body recall is just remembering when I learn the moves.. you shouldnít give up~ it takes like 400 hours to master a skill and make and form new habits..

Fitness, defence, wellness and wellbeing revitalised and discipline-

I have weights in the summer house that I need to use- and a spare 4 years.. I hope I will learn a lot in these times;

If you looking for something that challenges you then martial arts is for you- plus a life long friend!!

inavalan 05-05-2022 06:13 PM

This thread's title "Marital arts" was intriguing, but you just misspelled it ...

Native spirit 05-05-2022 07:22 PM

I used to do Martial Arts when i was younger,
my son is a ju jitsu black belt and a Karate black belt he loved it.its a good way to keep fit.
And to learn self control.


lostsoul13 06-05-2022 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by inavalan
This thread's title "Marital arts" was intriguing, but you just misspelled it ...

My bad lol typo on iPhone, changes spelling sometimes. Tricky word..

lostsoul13 06-05-2022 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Native spirit
I used to do Martial Arts when i was younger,
my son is a ju jitsu black belt and a Karate black belt he loved it.its a good way to keep fit.
And to learn self control.


Wow black belt, how long did it take him to get to that out of curiosity?

How long did you do it for?

Self control and discipline definitelyÖ

Golden Angel 14-05-2022 08:30 PM

I used to do ( Wado Ryu )Karate when I was younger which I really enjoyed, I used to especially love the Kata's and got to green belt and was just about to go for my purple belt, but sadly they changed the classes which I found hard to fit in with shift work.

Later I tried tai chi along with Kung Fu, but found it hard to change from Karate to Kung Fu as I just kept wanting to revert as my mind, body was trained for Karate lol.

Hologram8 14-05-2022 09:50 PM

I practice solo martial arts in solitude

I don't have any respect for any of the teachers I have met in public places ~ I literally don't want to be around the teacher or the other students and I'm definitely not going to support them

I don't do a lot of things that I like because I don't like associating with the wrong crowd

Hologram8 14-05-2022 10:01 PM

I Was In a Martial Arts CULT!

this one shot a jiu jitsu practitioner who was trying to be a bully

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