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Katra22 26-01-2016 07:38 PM

Can We Remove Some But Not All?
BACKSTORY AND PROBLEM: My family moved into their late 1890's Victorian bungalow in 1998, when I was eight years old. My only sister at the time was two. The house had sat empty for 5 years, its previous owners, the daughter of the couple whom had built the house and, her husband. Both were very elderly and were living in the retirement home across the street from the house when they sold it to my parents. The daughter whom had owned the house had up until that point, never lived anywhere else. Within a year from the purchase of the house, the couple had both passed away.
Upon moving in though, with them both alive, the house was CREEPY. Everywhere I went I felt I was being watched, especially around the second landing of the stairs. My sister was terrified too, and we both grew up in that house with strange sightings of blue demon-like creatures, white whisps, orbs, and, a shadow man with red eyes.
These creatures woke us up when we slept, called our names in the voices of our parents when they were not at home, had conversations with eachother in the hallways in the night, and the shadow man continuously, and to this day, bothered my sister. He shows himself to her in daylight hours, comes into her room at night and calls to her from the middle of the room, opens her curtains when shes away (she recently taped them shut and they were ripped open again), tears her posters off of the wall, and literally follows her into her dreams.
The spirits of the couple my parents bought the house from, are there as well. They poke their heads into rooms and watch us from long distances. The wife calls out "Hello?!" on occasion when we come in the door. It isnt at all a comfortable place to be. Over the years we gained 2 more sisters and they have been having the same experiences. They are terrified, but our parents are content to live there, aware of the spirits themselves but not overly worried. Our father tells us that if we don't talk about it, its more quiet....
I no longer live there, but the oldest of my sisters is fed up with the shadow man and we all want him gone. We're afraid though, that if we cleanse the house and take action to remove him, it will remove with him everything else there too. There ARE good spirits there as well, though muted by everything else that is dark. The previous owers dont harm us and we dont mind them much. The both us are wondering if there is a way to remove the shadow man only?? Can that be done, and if so, what do we need to be able to do it? Can only a specific individual do this for us? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, and blessings to all :)

The Taoist 26-01-2016 08:06 PM

Hello' Katra:

As someone who had many years of experience with removing these unwanted energetic pests, let me offer you a laconic overview.

Yes, one individual, (a shaman, or white witch or spiritual teacher or healer, etc.) can remove these pesky 'astral shells and inter-dimensional beings.

But, what is suggested is that you and your family DO the 'cleansing ritual' as THAT would create a stronger impression and also have a greater effect on your famiy's inter-connectedness and trust with in yourselves.

Now, if you choose to pay for the services of an individual who has experience with removal of these types of beings then it is merely a matter of that shaman's personal Will power ans ability to connect with the Divine and create that interactive bound with the shadow being when commanding it to leave.

If the shaman or witch or healer charges a very high price or makes exaggerated claims of successful past removals or appears to be fearful or lost in the initial meeting, then, I would suggest that you search for another practitioner, as there are many, many, many charlatans and fakers out there who thrive on bilking individuals out of their money.

I wish you well in your learning lessons.

If you require any further insight or info. you can contact me here.

In Light & Love Taoist

P.S. The tools that are commonly used by myself and other practitioners are in general, oils, incense, candles and chanting. But, most importantly......it is the INTENT & WILL POWER of the shaman, healer, witch, priest that will have the best effect in permanently removing these pests.

So remember, the power is NOT in the tools ( candles, incense, oils, etc) it IS in the INTENT or WILL of the individual attempting to remove them.
Therefore, a person with a strong attunement to the Divine, to ultimate joy, Light, love, is the one who will have the MOST effect in removing these unwanted pests from your home.

Katra22 28-01-2016 01:40 PM

Thank you for your advice :)
Does focusing on one spirit in particular remove that spirit only? And if my sister and I were the only ones to call it to leave, would our focus and desire alone be enough to remove it?

Boson 31-01-2016 08:00 PM

Hi Katra22,

Yes, you can remove only certain spirits. You just need to have a mental connection to the spirit you want to remove. I can be anything that uniquely identifies that particular spirit. After you have that, you can begin the actual banishment of that spirit - that will leave any other spirits alone. But if I were you, I would do a complete cleansing of the house. You are actually help any ghost you are able to to move on into the light because they are really trapped between two realms.


Katra22 02-02-2016 03:07 PM

Thank you, Boson. I was told the other day that he hasn't been around in a while. We're looking at this positively and are waiting to see if it sticks.

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